Encouragement and good feels to live with

Our life circumstances can be pretty discouraging and depressing at times. There were times I thought of killing myself, but all those suicidal plans were never really put to action. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing in this blog.


Each of us has his own story that no one else fully knows and understands. A story of pain and joy in endless successions, in never-ending cycles. Knowing this, as much as life is depressing, life is also a wonderful thing. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. The world is still beautiful despite its flaws and cruelty.

Photo from moesucks.com

And yes, as cliched as this fact can be, it’s during those dark times that we are very needy and sincerely appreciative of uplifting words from people, especially from those who mean the world to us.

From REAL manga. Scorpion Shiratori, now limp, thanks his real supporter for his support throughout the years of his wrestling career, despite being hated and antagonized by the world.

Words have amazing power. Some people may be tactless and don’t think too much of what they say, but they are just blind to the weight being carried by the words they let out. If people are more aware of the power of words, how colorful life could become for most of us.

Words can push people forward to do the impossible. Sure, talking to oneself makes you a little bit more confident and courageous. But if your mother, sister, brother, or a single friend sees your adversities and says a simple phrase of support, your moral takes another leap forward, possibly a bigger leap than you alone could take. No one can stop you now, unless you choose to stop yourself.

So think about this: do not ever feel useless or unappreciated if you are the one doing the encouragement. To us, the people being supported, hearing those reassuring words is everything. We had faced a battle with ourselves [our puny minds] alone, but with your intervention, coaching, and assistance, we can face a battle with more confidence. It’s now a whole different battlefield, one which has a higher possibility of winning such that our doubts and fears turn to faith and resolve. I’d like to thank you for the support, wherever you are.

Go for it, Yuki!

Your words can turn our bad days into good ones. Accepting weakness and asking for assistance is one of the humblest act of humans. Responding to these actions with kindness is one of the most rewarding moments in our lives. I become really happy when other people, such as my friends or seniors, also acknowledge my weakness and see to it that something can be done to counter our flaws. Nobody is perfect to begin with, but nobody is so imperfect to feel unimportant.

And there’s another thing to know. We can support people just by being existing and being near them. There are situations when we only need the assurance that we are not alone, that someone will always be there for us no matter what happens–whether the odds is against you or is in your favor.

“Just looking at you is fine, Hiyori.”

There are people we look up to and, more likely than never ever happening, there are people who look up to you. People whom we look up to are often regarded as our “inspirations”. These people add fuel to our innate desire to improve at something–drawing, dancing, singing, public speaking, writing, et cetera. They, just by existing, push us further. It’s because we do not see them simply as our indirect and one-sided support system, but also as our standards. By constantly thinking of these people, we are reminded to do better and not to settle on the level we are not satisfied with. Keep on moving forward. Mochiron, it does not exclude people whom we have a crush on. It’s not completely necessary to have a crush on someone, and those who are being admired do not have to strictly reciprocate the admiration. But for majority of mankind, having a crush on someone adds color to their lives. It’s simple. It’s wonderful.

And if you, reader, still have doubts on something you want to do, to achieve, to reach…

Thank you, Amano-sensei.

It’s better to try than never. And it’s never to late. Let us not regret!

Thank you for reading! Have a good lifetime~

Mata ne~

4 responses to “Encouragement and good feels to live with

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  4. Hi there! Just read your post. Well, Im not good with uplifting people but I still want to try.

    The world is so cruel. Sometimes, we want to hide from the reality because reality contains hurt, failures, sadness, misfortunate events and a lot more. I had once lost a love one too. It hurts and the pain was so real. It’s an ache that you do not know how to treat. It’s unbearable that your heart literally breaks. The moment youll realize that a love one is gone forever, the sadness and the ache comes to life again. Especially when you remember the good memories that you once shared together. But for me, a love one is not dead if he or she is still living in your heart. He or she maybe physically dead but I believe that he or she becomes a part of everything. He or she becomes the stars that guide you at night or the breeze that brushes away your tears. He or she just become another entity but that doesn’t mean that they are dead. Though sometimes our life would dramatically change, it’s what we call the cycle of life. Life goes on after all. And I believe that your love one will always be there for you, though not physically.

    The moment you’ll accept that, don’t worry, everything will be good again and let God do the rest. A new ray of hope will brighten your day. When that happens, you will be stronger and your love one will be very proud of you.

    Continue on living and may the good God bless you.

    xoxo, lysa

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