Taiyou no Ie is ending

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


One of my favorite slice of life manga, Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun) by Taamo, is ending. The latest chapters that I read online in English scanlations, chapters 43 and 44, hinted the end of the manga. Let’s check the conflicts and their resolutions.


Mao scored a point on her dad’s heart!

The first conflict in the story is between Mao and her biological family, more specifically her father. In the beginning of the story, Mao was seen as a high school girl withdrawn from her father. Her father is similarly in bad terms with her. It wasn’t a verbal conflict. They just weren’t as intimate as before. Later on the story as Mao spent months in the Nakamura household, a warm house where she learned a lot of important things in life and what it feels to have a family, she begun changing to the point when she wanted to return to her old home and be close with her father again, and with the new mom and her new sister. Is this conflict solved now? Yes, it is! At chapter 44, Mao finally goes home though there’s still a bit of awkwardness between her and her dad. However, both of them are being tsundere and do care for each other. They’re rebuilding their parent-daughter relationship one step closer at a time. There’s a good chance they will really become closer.

Secondly, Mao has finally won the inner battle with herself. The storytelling convinced me in the beginning that she was an originally awkward and shy character (though she may still be one). She was weak, meek, and distrustful of adults. As the story progressed and circumstances unfolded, Mao turns into a mature person. She may not be entirely independent for now, but she was giving it her best in everything. It’s really interesting and fulfilling to see the main character grow so much. Of course, it wasn’t a growth over a short period of time. It was thanks to the people around her, too. Her stay in the Nakamura household is the best factor for her inner transformation.

Mao sure has grown. Definitely one of the best character developments I've seen.

Mao surely has grown. Definitely one of the best character developments I’ve seen.


But we still can’t overlook the possibility that Daiki is lying just because he doesn’t want Mao to worry about them. Hmmm.

Thirdly, the Nakamura brothers and Hina-chan are finally having their family reunion though it isn’t explicitly shown. At the beginning of the story, only the aniki Hiro was the member of the Nakamura household. The otouto Daiki returns home later and was able to interact a lot with the main protagonist, Mao. From the latest chapters it seems Hina-chan, who was very hesitant of coming back to her original home (Nakamura household) from Sendai (her relative’s house), is finally coming back. However, we can’t be so sure if Daiki’s saying the truth, so let’s put this in the grey area for now.

Fourth! How about the romance between Hiro and Mao? Well, this is as clear as the morning blue sky now. Hiro originally looked at Mao as a family member. Now, they see each other eye to eye. There isn’t a doubt at all that the two of them will eventually be dating. They love each other. Period.

Hiro making a move.

Hiro making a move.

Mao got her eyes from her mom.

Mao got her eyes from her mom.

The final, essential conflict I can think of now is between Mao and her mom, who abandoned her dad. I was reminded of this conflict, thanks to the last panel of the latest chapter. I wonder what move Mao’s mom will take? Does she want to get together with Mao’s dad once again? Does she only want to check how Mao’s new family is doing? What is her real intention? For now, I think am hoping it’s gonna be a light-hearted conclusion. All the other things are going well and if this remaining thing is not gonna end well, I will be devastated.

Let’s just stay tuned to Taamosensei‘s decision.

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