Why we cannot completely understand one another


vlcsnap-2014-05-03-01h16m21s31There are many problems and conflicts around the world. People would reason that these exist because the opposing sides do not understand each other. But if they are fighting for different things, they are looking at things differently. These things might be similar, or they might also be completely dissimilar. But even if they are looking at the same things, people innately, uncontrollably think differently. This is because people have their own past experiences and stored knowledge which largely dictate how they interpret things that they hear, see, taste, touch, and smell.

We all have our own schemes for organizing the objective data and subjective emotions stored in our very systems. These schemes may even change throughout the years as we grow older, gain more experiences, and get exposed to the different aspects of life. What I am experiencing now is completely different from what you are experiencing. A good experience for one may be a bad experience for another.

And this is how we arrive at our own biases. We can never be truly objective at looking at things. In fact, we all live in a subjective world because we perceive different things differently.

That is why we cannot completely understand one another.

If you have an opinion you can’t keep for yourself, go ahead and shout it out. You can even elaborate your point (like what I am doing now) so that your message gets across your readers. But do not force it onto other people for they have their own judgments. Just let others get your message, even if not at one hundred percent, and let them decide for themselves if they agree with you. They might even join your cause.

7 responses to “Why we cannot completely understand one another

  1. You know it’s sad when you have different point of views then others would think that you’re discriminating or hating them. I’m hoping that everyone really knows how to respect different opinions.

    • I think the more important thing is that, even if people hold different opinions about a particular subject, participants of the discussions should be civil in stating what they think or how they feel about that topic and respect others, for they too are just stating their stand. If we cannot even do this, then there’s nothing worth discussing about. It’ll just end up with a heated debate–one full of hate and not seeing each other eye to eye. Obviously, this isn’t a healthy situation from which we could possibly gain something from.

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  5. You’ve got the point. There’s no sense of proving your judgments right, because whatever we do, every people have their own point of view 🙂

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