What is “talent”?


Getting the results hurts

Have you failed an exam because you forgot the schedule, thus you forgot to study at all? Is it because you didn’t study enough? Or is it because you think you aren’t smart enough even if you studied several nights before the exam day? Whatever reason it is, all that everybody else knows is you failed (if they happen to know at all). Only you are knowledgeable of what you did for getting that result to which nobody might give a damn. 


Separating the “talented” from the “talentless”

There must have been things in life that we take for granted. And even
if we know that we do, we just try to ignore that fact and spend the rest of our day lavishly on other things. We develop the mentality that we are doing all we can in those important things, to yield the best results, but we might only be procrastinating and trying to make up for our incompetence with crammed, insufficient efforts that won’t be equal to a hundred percent. We sometimes blame ourselves, but we also blame our circumstances and the so-called “life choices” that had been laid out. When we fail to conquer these failures, acting cool and okay is a natural retaliation. However, the feeling of being a loser always creeps in at a conveniently unexpected moment.

It’s always been known that life is filled with ups and downs, so there are times when we come out the victors of circumstances. Each person has his own special skills or abilities that others can only watch in awe because they also have their own special skills and abilities that they always try to improve on. But there are some people who claim to be “talentless”. A “talentless” person, with every ounce of his strength and time, can’t do anything good for himself or for other people or individuals. He can only helplessly watch the “talented” ones achieve “everything” so effortlessly. Well, is that all there is?04

The term “talent” is becoming so vague. Sure, it might mean the innate impressive ability of a person to achieve something in a particular subject. Talent has always been attributed with natural occurrence. People who get it are always good at what they got that talent for. Some people are even undoubtedly multi-talented. They are the types of talented people who commonly are to be envied. But of course, even if an individual excels at various arts and disciplines, there is a trend of a prevailing one true talent.

Is talent something that is set in stone? If one has none, will he be talentless fella forever?

I beg to differ. Talent isn’t set in stone. It is something dynamic.

What if there is really someone who, as genetics would probably determine, is born a dancer, but doesn’t grow up in the environment where he could have realized what he can do? Maybe he ends up without realizing his “true” talent at all. Sounds pitiful? Maybe? But I don’t think so.

If he has actually grown up in the right environment (as we could call the conditions that would bring out the factors for self-realization), he could have really become a great dancer! But that only applies if he actually spends time and energy to practice his dance in his own style or even in many learned styles, which he can eventually incorporate in his own choreography. But what if in that wrong environment, he discovers a new interest? And what if he invests the same resources (time and energy) to his interest? It wouldn’t be all for nothing! If one tries, it certainly pays off at the end. The variable is that length of time he has to wait before the reward comes. (You may question me, but I personally know some people who were originally awkward and unnatural for their chosen interests. Because of their passion to go on and their endurance despite the slumps they’ve had, they eventually got better and may be mistaken for those who were naturally born with the abilities!)


I consider myself lucky to get this kind of realization from time to time, reminding myself of what needs to be fixed and what needs to be done.


Indeed, this is the best talent of all. If there is only one noble talent, this will be that.

Here’s the thing: Sure, you can’t easily give your all for whatever your heart is pumping for, but if you only dillydally despite knowing what you are passionate about, you will surely lose a precious amount of time, making it harder to make up for. In fact, we can never make up for the lost time and effort because the clock couldn’t be unwound. However, it is still better to try to make up for those than just to abandon our passion. Even if you’re not anywhere near your desired level of excellence, nobody else will set a limit for what you can and will do unless you surrender. Not living in passion is like not living at all.


Be unique! What you do may be out of their worlds, but they surely can never have it in their own!

Those who say they are no-good may be underestimating themselves too much. There must be at least a single thing at which everyone is good at. So what if that ability isn’t similar to the classic capabilities labelled as talents, such as dancing, drawing, singing, writing, running, or swimming? So what if it isn’t something that people can easily recognize or relate to? Do you actually do what you like, hoping for someone to compliment you? to notice you? to be impressed by your efforts? Whatever. Only you can beat you.


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