Aldnoah.Zero: lowering my expectations

I really liked and still like Fate/Zero and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Madoka was okay, but not my cup of tea. Suisei no Gargantia was really interesting, but it got kinda boring after the second thirds of the series. I didn’t finish watching Psycho-Pass, but I’m planning to finish where I left off. These series were all created by Urobutcher, Urobuchi Gen. I’m not really a fan of his works, but I always get intrigued when I hear his name.

When I heard he was creating a new anime concept for summer 2014, I got a bit excited. Plus, Aoki Ei (director of Fate/Zero and Ga-Rei: Zero, two series I really like) is directing it. It burned more fuel. Another plus: Sawano Hiroyuki (Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill La Kill, Guilty Crown, Gundam UC) is in charge of the new series’ music. “This will be a feast,” I thought.

Oh, the sarcasm

Episodes 1 and 2 weren’t really enjoyable. The protagonist isn’t appealing. He seems too unattached. Keeping that poker face suggests that he’s a smart character. That’s how he was in episode 3, which was fairly enjoyable. Overall, the chronology of events is A-OK, but the story-telling feels somewhat messy. Music is A-OK, too. Sawano Hiroyuki is one of my favorite composers and I really like his style. He even composed the ED theme. But as of now, no track gets stuck in my mind. I still have to identify my favorite track(s).

Those are my impressions at the moment. I don’t know how the story will unfold from this point on. I initially set the bar high, but after watching episode 3, I am not so sure if I can enjoy this until the end. From now on, I won’t expect this series to be the best for this season, but I still hope to enjoy its mecha aspect.

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