Don’t let it go to your head

Naru just learned reading katakana. She showed off her reading skills to the oneesantachi. She read あけ口 (akekuchi, "lid") as アケロ  (akero). She asked Handa what it label is, and Handa replies "akekuchi". Naru is smart enough to know Handa doesn't make a fool of her in this situation. Thus, this snapshot is her reaction. 

The shocking moment of truth

Man is a very curious creature. He wants to know anything and everything, but all questions aren’t answered in just a lifetime. That’s how knowledge has always been passed down from generations to generations. Our current knowledge isn’t the same as the knowledge of mankind in the past. This is because of assimilation of new findings and accommodation of new but more conceivable concepts and ideas. Thus, knowledge is what makes the world go round and what makes humans interesting creatures.

Learning has always been a basic human function. We move, act, and think in accordance to our knowledge. A’s knowledge is different from B’s knowledge. There are some things that A knows but B doesn’t, and vice versa. Because of this difference, mankind has the potential to get arrogant.

But what if something that A knows was actually all a lie? Or a misshapened concept? Or what we had learned or thought all along was wrong? Nonetheless,we have to thank the person who corrected our ‘mistakes’.

Luckily for Naru, the misconception only lasted for a few minutes/hours.

Naru reverts to her true and innocent self

Whatever we learn, we can always share them without getting too arrogant. Humility also shows when we admit our own mistakes and accept corrections 🙂

Happy learning!

Note to self: Wow, I can’t believe I wrote another lesson note from Barakamon! 🙂

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