Haikyuu!!: Rising favorite

Flying crows

Did I mention I like sports anime? I like sports anime in general. MAJOR is my number one favorite and will always be my favorite baseball anime. Oops, it wasn’t really necessary to state that. Anyway, I’ve watched anime about people (mostly high school students) who indulge themselves in baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, football, cycling, and boxing as far as I can remember. It’s not like the sports genre isn’t famous in anime, but anime with sports are quite rare. Speaking of rare, I hadn’t heard of an anime about volleyball before I heard about Haikyuu!!.

Volleyball is a famous sport and I like it, though I don’t play volleyball coz I suck at receiving and volleying the ball lol. I initially knew about Haikyuu!! manga when it was still newly serialized, but I only read until the 3rd chapter and put it on hold. Two years later, Haikyuu!! finally aired on TV, the moment I was waiting for.

I truly enjoy every episode that comes out weekly. The main characters are pretty straightforward. The hot and cold combination. The nice-looking but strict captain. The scary-looking but nice senpai. The soft but respectable setter. The cast is basically a variety of personalities and the way they interact with one another is fun to watch. The story revolves not only around the duo protagonist, but also around and within the Karasuno High Men’s Volleyball Team. It’s not yet a long-runner and, at the moment, we’re only at the Inter-High preliminaries, but character development is very convincing.

As expected from Production I.G., the animation is superb. Volleyball looks sexy in animation. I love the anatomy of the characters when the receive, spike, block, and serve the ball. 😀 Background music is reaaaaaaally pleasing to listen to. The music especially strikes home during the scenes when the characters reflect on their lives. Of course, the voice acting is excellent! My favorite performances include Hinata Shouyou, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Ukai Keishin, and Nishinoya Yuu.

Karasuno is introduced as a fallen team, once soaring high but now weak. I like that kind of setup, showing the vulnerability of a real sportsman. With this premise, there is real potential for the team and individual members to grow. For that to happen, a lot of experience is needed to be gained. Experience is gained from practice games and actual matches. Since this is a sports anime which has, so far, been told realistically, I doubt that they will win the current Inter-High preliminaries. The shounen manga world is not that easy, too– just like how it is in reality. With that said, I am excited to see how the team will grow from their wins and losses. I can’t wait to see Karasuno flying high.

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