UNDER THE DOG project @Kickstarter

Yesterday, a friend posted in his blog about an anime project that needs supplementary funds through Kickstarter. It’s an anime project entitled UNDER THE DOG and written by Ishii Jiro, who rewrote his original concept he completed way back in 1996 as a 26-episode anime. With a team the writer personally picked/wants to work with (e.g. director Ando Masahiro, who also assigned some talented professionals, like Kozaki Yusuke, who are well suited for action scenes and mechanical designs), the writer looks forward to bringing this concept from back to life in animation! The producer, Yura Hiroaki, acknowledges the restrictions, especially from the lack of funding, in animating a series. That is why the team calls for the support of everyone around the world who enjoy the medium we call anime and make this project possible with boundless creativity of the staff! Check out the PV they made:

I am a sucker for action anime, and it’s always a plus if the brutal fight scenes are uncensored, showing blood and wounds. (Hinting my disappointment from Tokyo Ghoul’s censorship by FUNIMATION) I bet a lot of fans are also into this kind of anime, which I want to happen.

As my support for this project, I am spreading the word about this. If you have lots of extra money/ are rich/ have friends who are into anime and are rich, please do check out more details about the project and how you can backup this project and directly get involved in its production!

Click the link to help: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1300298569/under-the-dog

Thank you very much and spread the word!!!

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