I watched RuroKen in cinema

Sato Takeru and his badass kissable lips look. (photo from kdramastars)

Last Friday night, I was finally able to watch the second movie of Rurouni Kenshin (Kyoto Taika Hen) with a college friend. 🙂

We planned it out ahead of time, so that we could save some money for the movie. It was worth the time and money because we enjoyed it.

But I was actually surprised that there were only a few people inside that movie house, although we are only 9 days in since the premiere of the movie in the country. Maybe the crazier fans who had money at the time already lined up in the first days of screening… I know that there are still fans out there who haven’t watched it yet, but are really interested in watching it. Grab the opportunity! It’s really rare for Japanese live-action and animated movies to be aired in several cities in the country! 🙂

I’m glad that I actually got to watch it on big screen, like I also did during the release of the first movie. 🙂 Of course, with DVD copy, I can watch it anytime and how many times I want. It just feels special when I watch the movie itself in cinema, since I rarely go out just to watch movies and I can just download them online, right?.

The two and a half hours of the movie went by so fast because we were really glued on the screen that we didn’t feel our butts hurting (but the seats were really comfortable so they weren’t hurting at all). My friend always remarked on the kissable lips of Sato Takeru, while I somehow pitied Aoki Munetaka for his very little screen time and commented on how the Yahiko child actor has really grown up was portrayed by a different child actor (Oyagi Kaito)!

We loved the music and the sound effects! Kudos to the music director and composer! We also loved the angles, especially during the fighting scenes. The choreography of each scene was very well-considered, since a lot of the viewers are fans of the anime and manga and they would be expecting fast footwork and sword clashing and sword slashing. 🙂

Of course, it ended with a cliffhanger… and a twist! Oh, that twist, we really didn’t see it coming although we should have after watching the trailers online and we want to come back and watch the third movie to know how everything turns out! It’s time again to save money so I can watch the next movie that comes out this month. 🙂

EDIT: Oh, this post has a lot of smileys. Hahaha. It just proves how happy I am to have watched this movie. My RuroKen craving was satisfied! (Personal rating: 8.5/10)

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