MAL Anime DB hacked

Just about an hour ago while I was writing the post regarding Aqua Timez 6th album, I was checking on my Taiga and noticed some abnormalities. The first one I noticed was the abnormal episode count 9001 of Dragon Ball. Then I saw some other anime like Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu affected as well. I decided to do some inspection on the website of MAL itself because it concerns me, one of the users there.

After browsing the forums, I finally found a topic opened by a user who also noticed the abnormalities—or let’s say, the “glitches” caused by a harmful entity outside MAL. Then I opened my Taiga again to check my completed anime. The number of anime affected surprised me. Judging from the topic title, it seems this isn’t the first time that MAL was hacked. I personally didn’t witness the previous instances of hacking, since I am not as active nowadays as I used to be. So this incident caught my attention and concern ehem.


Screenshot from my Taiga. Wow. The “super hacker” is impressive.


A lot of anime movies and OVA have their titles replaced with “SSJMaster vs Xinil – A story of epic battles! Season 2”. Season 2. Season 2. The second time around. So I guess, this is the 2nd time this SSJMaster, the “super hacker”, attempted this. This is just like a ‘NOTICE ME SENPAI‘ stunt.


La Corda D’ Oro ~primo passo~ OVA is affected, too. The “super hacker” isn’t choosy.


The modified sections so far are the synopsis, alternative titles, and episode count. Sugoi~


Oh, and I looked up this “super hacker” and he joined MAL just to do this hidoi koto.

Onegai, yamete~!

Onegai, yamete~!


Kokunindomo, onegai, yamete~!

The manga database is okay at the moment, but I can’t ignore the possibility that it might join the plague, too, if MAL security continues to be like this. Good thing that the site has backup data. I hope you find something else to do than harm the peace of the community Keep it up, “super hacker”.

10 responses to “MAL Anime DB hacked

  1. I was also annoyed when this happened and since quite a while ago I’m using HummingBird – it’s cuter, really. Of course, each is good regarding certain aspects (on MAL it is so much easier to get all the info you need, e.g., clicking on a seiyuu’s name and seeing all the series they took part in) but to me, HB wins at the moment (it may have a lot to do with how it looks) 😀

    • I’m not yet used to Hummingbird and AniList, so I am still using MAL at the moment. Though I’ve already exported my anime list to the two sites…. just in case this incident happens again and MAL never recovers from the damage. XD But, no, I don’t wish for that to happen, so, at best, my HB and AL accounts are just backups.

      • I saw AniList – I mean I saw what someone’s list looked like, but I wasn’t very impressed with the style, so I decided HB wins for cuteness (if I can call it that) for now ^_^ I was looking for your MAL on your blog but couldn’t find it, and I felt kinda incompetent so I didn’t want to ask you for it, but apparently I’m doing it now ^_^ Do feel free to refuse, by all means, I’m being nosy…

        • Oh, I kinda like AniList style because it’s minimalist. XD Or maybe because I saw it before I saw HB. Plus, the site has this live seasonal chart.

          I didn’t put my MAL here because I don’t want others to know my account. Well, that also depends on how interested in my MAL my readers are. Plus, I don’t go online on MAL so often these days/months. But since you seem interested in it, I can give my URL to you via message, if that’s okay. If you drop by my profile, drop me a comment so that I’d know you on MAL, too. Everything would be fair by then. Hohohohoho.

      • I did, but I don’t anymore. I don’t use it, so I don’t have any reason to keep an account. Well, if this hacking doesn’t breach your privacy, then it’s all good.

        • Oh, you mean, you intentionally deleted it? That’s a brave move. Hahaha. I still cannot do the same since I don’t want to abandon my list there. It would be a pain to reconstruct a list (well, I can always export my animelist and mangalist). 😀 But yeah, maybe there’d be days when I can get to talk to MAL pals there. lol

        • Yes, I did. I never really regretted it. Perhaps I’m not too attached with it. I didn’t find too useful for me. Oh well. I just like creating my own list manually. But I hope that the hacking incident will not get worse; that it’ll affect the privacy of their users. Take care!

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