Summer 2014: My favorite OP

Before the summer ends, I’d like to mark this post as the beginning of my favorite OP and ED lists for every season! I’ve always wanted to do this. 🙂 Please note that this list is entirely biased because it contains my personal favorites. You may not find your favorites here. You may also find something which you don’t really like watching or listening to. When it comes to evaluating music, there is never a clear objectivity from which we can derive the “right” music choices. In other words, I just want to share what I like. 🙂 Basically this new segment will expose my preferences, which is not so stable by the way, on anime songs.

For this season, I am watching 16 shows and dropped 12 shows. I seldom listen to the songs of my dropped anime, so I only have 16 airing shows to choose from. I won’t set a specific number of favorites, but I’ll try my best to also arrange them according to my favoritism. 😀

1. Anime : Barakamon | Song : Rashisa | Artist : SUPER BEAVER

I just love Barakamon from the very first episode. This OP theme really suits the bright atmosphere of the show. It also has lyrics which are easily relevant to the characters, their conflicts, and the future resolutions we will see at the end of the show. The beat, pace, and melody are somehow uplifting that I always feel happy when I hear it.

The animation of the OP is especially memorable to me because of the variety of techniques. We have minimal colors from time to time (i.e. just lineart for characters), black frames for character poses, the contrast in the energy levels of the two main characters, Sensei and Naru, which reflect their personalities as we see them in the show. Plus, we see ink at the end and calligraphic type setting for the credits! Those help imprint the occupation of Handa sensei.

2. Anime : Aldnoah.Zero | Song : heavenly blue | Artist: Kalafina

Kalafina. Oh my. Hearing this group sing is always a treat. Can never get tired of the stuff Kajiura-sensei makes, regardless of the similarities in the melodies and instrumentals. Just let me tell this. I love the verses part because I kind of liked how the vocalists sound like they were talking and singing at the same time. Starting from the chorus, it sounded like another song of Kalafina, so the melody in that portion isn’t totally distinguishable from that similar song, making it a minus points for me in terms of music impact and enjoyment. I don’t know whether its recycling of old tunes or plainly running out of creative juices. Nonetheless, I always look forward to the OP sequence every time I watch Aldnoah.Zero.

I cannot find a proper video for this OP, so let me share this awesome mix. And yes, the mentioned similar song is the OP for Fate/Zero. 🙂 This is exactly how I expected the song to turn out when I first heard the first few seconds. This combination makes a better arrangement, IMO. 😀

3. Anime : Tokyo GhoulSong : unravel | Artist: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

I never expected I’d get hooked to this after a few episodes of the series. I didn’t like it at first because I wasn’t yet used to the high pitch of the vocalist. Until now, I still can’t… how can he sing like that? I don’t understand… This type of voice is not really my type, but this song just goes reaaaaally well with the feel of the anime, especially with the decent animation of the OP sequence. Just… perfect. I don’t need to explain.

*This video (and its audio) have been tweaked due to copyright reasons, although it’s still close to the original video.

This is it for now. I might add some more in this list whenever I feel like doing so.

So what are your favorite OP for this season?

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