UTD minimum goal achieved!

Hell yeah, we’re getting a 24-minute episode of this for sure! Now click the image and please back it up to reach the stretch goals! Thank you very much, backers!

Last night I checked the kickstarter page of this project, it reached the 500k mark. Tonight, I was reaaaaaally happy when I found out it reached 650k+! Wow! The 580k minimum goal was reached immediately! This is equivalent to a 24-minute professionally crafted episode. If you guys watched the preview, which I attached in my first post on this project, you might be able to savor the same (or even higher) level of execution. What we just need to know is the voice cast for the anime.

To be honest, I want this anime to have more than just one episode. Perhaps all of us want the production staff to be able to execute their ideas more freely and allow the story to be told more efficiently by providing the anime more air time. This calls for the need to reach the stretch goals.

I want this stretch goal to be reached, but with pledged amount of writing and little time left, this might be impossible to reach. 😦

This is my desiiiire~

As of writing, we only have 48 hours (2 days) left! Please, pledge some more! Just click any of the images above. Thank youuu!!

Disclaimer: photos by UTD project

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