Summer 2014: My favorite ED

Since I did a list of favorite OP for this season, I might as well do a separate list for ED. 🙂 My rankings for this list is not certain, but I will just number them for the sake of putting numbers. 😀 Enjoy!

1. Anime : Aldnoah.Zero | Song : aLIEz | Artist: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki

This song sounds so powerful, especially in the chorus. I just love those drums that go along well with the animation effects on the character images. The colors in the video are generally dark and effectively shows the probable inward thoughts of the main characters and being dragged into and lost amidst the war.

I love Hiroyuki Sawano music ever since I got to listen to his works for Guilty Crown. Then came Shingeki no Kyojin and KILL la KILLThe soundtrack to these three anime are easily three of my top favorites OSTs ever. I think Sawano-san likes to reuse some tunes from his recent works, especially in anime, and that is why some tracks from different OSTs tend to sound the same. Nonetheless, I really love his works because I love the tunes, piano, vocals, the occasional German lyrics, the drums, and basically everything else no matter how many times I listen to them. 

2. Anime : Aldnoah.Zero | Song : A/Z | Artist: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki

(Unfortunately, the video was taken down.)

This was the first time I’ve heard this vocalist, mizuki, and this is the first time she’s been featured in a Sawano Hiroyuki composition. 🙂 I really like her voice now. This song is lighter and happier in terms of tune, but the lyrics aren’t that happy. At the end of the chorus, however, we hear a hopeful monologue, “I too will be the brave one.” Thus, the video has an overall bright colors and it has an overall uplifting beat, thanks to the wonderful interpretation by the newest vocalist in Sawano-gumi, mizuki. She has amazed me in this song, and has further surprised me in the 2nd ED, which is aLIEz, with a completely different interpretation.

Just a bonus: check out this altered version of the ED. With the speed at 0.8x, the vocal sounds like that of a male singer, and the overall feel is more solemn and emotional.

3. Anime : Barakamon | Song : Innocence | Artist : NoisyCell

I fell in love with this song at first listen. It immediately begins with words synchronized with the lovely guitars and prominent drums. Just like #2, the chorus is really heartfelt. The words behind the melody are like the narrative of Handa-sensei directed to Naru. I love uplifting songs, they make my days even better. 🙂

The animation seems minimalist, but the backgrounds in particular seem like they were all done traditionally (with watercolors) and they are always changing. Orange is the major color in the video, which seems fitting for the series since it reminds me of sunsets, inspiration, and reflections in life. Sensei and Naru were only outlined while the backgrounds are the more colored parts. This is a refreshing art style and I like it because it goes well with the refreshing music. In terms of the animation, my favorite scenes were the birds flying into the open, sunset sky and the spreading of ink into the air.

4. Anime : Glasslip | Song : Toumei na Sekai (Transparent World) | Artist : nano.RIPE

Though I don’t like the anime that much, I like the ED performed by one of my newest loved Jrock bands. I added this into my list because of my bias toward this band. They make catchy and happy feels with their songs.

What I like in the video is the chibified characters of the show, and my favorite scene is obviously Touko tumbling and rolling and jumping to the night sky with a BOOM of fireworks. IMO, the overall happy feel of the song is weird for an anime that is giving me the awkward feels because of the awkward events that unfold and the awkward friendship and interactions between the characters.

5. Anime : Tokyo Ghoul | Song : Seijatachi (Saints) | Artist : People In The Box

Tokyo Ghoul is full of surprises. Aside from the high-pitch OP, it has a bass song (with hard “e” and “o” vowel sounds) to boot. Now, that’s what we call a balance.

One word: Relaxing

Three words: Awesome art backgrounds

Woopsie. I have written a 5-item list! That’s a personal achievement. Chances of adding more ED are low. 🙂


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