Spring 2014: My favorite OP

I’m doing this regularly, and I plan on including my favorite OPs and EDs from the previous seasons. I missed on a lot of things, so I’m going to fill in those missing pieces little by little by going back in time. My favorites are determined predominantly by the music. Again, these are listed in no particular order. The numbers are just there for the sake of counting the entries.

Spring 2014 had a number of enjoyable shows, and if you’re interested which shows I watched and dropped and which ones I actually liked and didn’t really like, you can read a certain post on Kawaranai Mono, where I occasionally write stuff. Anyway, here we go!

1. Anime : Ping Pong The Animation | Song : Tada Hitori | Artist : Bakudan Johnny

This is easily one of my favorite OP sequence in any anime. Look at that animation! And listen to that catchy music! The animation for the OP goes really well with the rest of the anime. 😀 The catchy music just adds excitement to the high-energy portrayal of the characters. Gotta love those fully traditionally drawn frames.

2. Anime : No Game No Life | Song : This game | Artist : Suzuki Konomi

Probably the most hyped anime of this season (Spring 2014), and the OP, in my opinion, is partially to be blamed for the hype. Who wouldn’t get hyped from hearing this energetic music that is timed excellently with the cuts in the animation? Who wouldn’t remember the anime for its colorful ambiance that is reminiscent of a fantasy world? From this OP alone, I have several favorite scenes/cuts that are worth going back to. In particular, the lyrics and the visuals are in harmony from 0:51 to 0:52.5. I just love how Shiro is being Shiro, for being plain white and “Empty/blank” without Sora. Of course, Sora and Shiro look so “strong” with their “We are mavericks~” pose at 0:53-0:55.

3. Anime : Sidonia no Kishi | Song : Sidonia | Artist : angela

I’m so sorry I can’t find a video for the OP itself, but I have chosen to provide you the video to listen to the song.

In the actual OP, the animation is so-so. Just a bunch of 3D animated scenes of the characters flashed one by one, with a little bit of overlaying. Maybe I have a thing for angela’s music. The first few seconds sound so solemn, making that portion similar to a national anthem of no country that comes to mind, but at least it sounds like one. Slow, slow, as if there are soldiers slowly marching towards their death. That wasn’t much of a spoiler to those who haven’t watched it. And later, the pace and the pitch change together, as if the soldiers have been fighting for their lives. The lyrics are relevant, too.

4. Anime : Mushishi Zoku Shou | Song : Shiver | Artist : Lucy Rose

Minimalist animation and acoustic music does justice and pays homage to the first season and its OP. In terms of animation, there’s nothing really worth mentioning except for that almost real unless it’s real water scene that’s so soothing but mysterious to look at, just like the episodes of the series. The regular guitar strums and the slightly hoarse vocals of Lucy Rose made me feel like I’m at home with nature. Even if you remove the video, the song alone is good for trips to the countryside.

5. Anime : Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou | Song : Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai | Artist : fhána

And fhána does it again! I am inclined to like their music ever since their OP for Gingitsune. I don’t really like the animation as much as the music because everything looks so random despite the flow (it focuses on Kawai Ritsu), but I am happy to mention that 0:39 to 0:57 is one of my personal favorite scenes for any OP. Why? Usa is being the loyal dog his character has established, while Ritsu suddenly transforms into a different persona (perhaps of the characters in the books she read) as if she’s completely out-of-character she’s just being tsundere and kuudere the whole time.

6. Anime : Haikyuu!! | Song : Imagination | Artist : SPYAIR


Everything that SPYAIR has made for anime is very memorable, so I expected this song for Haikyuu!! to be one of those beautiful songs in their anime tie-up list. Animationwise, this OP is one of the best as it is perfectly timed with the beats of the music and it showcased fluid movements of the characters, making the sports in the anime look real as much as IRL. My favorite parts in this OP are in the chorus, where Karasuno members synchronized their timing for blocking, serving, receiving, setting, spiking the ball with the timing of the drums.

7. Anime : Baby Steps | Song : Believe in yourself | Artist : Abe Mao

I almost forgot about this, but it’s good that I remembered. “Wooh wooh woooh wooh ooh woooh oooh“. Yep. From the very start, it is a memorable OP. But I’m not sure if I wrote those lyrics correctly.  The beat and melody are really easy to memorize and once you listen to the song, you can recognize it right away if you happen to hear it the second time elsewhere. The animation is not that impressive and there were a lot of recycled sequences. However, the video is still a treat to look at because of those recycles! How could I forget the almost natural tennis moves when they are repeated (and even multiplied in one frame)? From the OP itself, one could tell that Baby Steps is a realistic take on tennis as a career or profession, not just some highway for “cool” auras or “powers” or “hissatsu waza“.

That cute drawing with the “Ganbare!” at the end of the video is cute. 🙂

Have I missed out anything?

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