Spring 2014: My favorite ED

1. Anime : Ping Pong The Animation | Song : ‘Ano Hero to’ Bokura ni Tsuite | Artist : Merengue

No characters.  A simple scenery footage rotoscoped, all with traditional drawing materials. Relaxing music and rapidly changing colors to avoid boredom. But really, this is a nice break from the usual EDs that we get. Gotta love that flying bird.

2. Anime : No Game No Life | Song : Oracion | Artist : Kayano Ai

Another visual treat from the NGNL fame. The animation is simpler and less detailed (in terms of number of characters appearing, numbers of cuts and scenes, etc) than in the OP as it focuses more on the two main characters that make up Kuuhaku. At the verses, we see the sad expressions cast by the young Shiro and Sora, when they weren’t together yet, and the bleak life they were living. As the chorus plays, they are tied together with a pinky promise, showing bright and happy faces in their more colorful world.

And hey, Kayano Ai-san can sing! 🙂

3. Anime : Mekakucity Actors | Song : days | Artist : Jin ft. Lia

I’m not a fan of Jin, Lia, nor the Kagerou Days franchise in whatever medium, but I cannot let this song be missed out from my list. It sounds so emotional, thanks to the emotional singer, Lia, who brought us the same feels with Angel Beats! OP and Clannad After Story OP.

Monochrome video of mixed media (that is, combined real video footage and drawings) adds sentimental effects. The lack of character animation for the most part complements the sadness implied in the song.

4. Anime : Blade & Soul | Song : RAINBOW | Artist : lego big morl

This is the best thing that happened in Blade & Soul. I didn’t get to love the anime, though I had some favorite “deep” moments or life reflections with it, but I didn’t hate the show, either. The ED is one of the things that kept me watching this series because I was looking forward to every episode’s end. Its music is a feel-good music.

It shows us 3D animation of the dance performed by Karen, one of the main players in the show. This animation is one of the most beautifully executed dance animation as it is, for the most part, fluid, smooth and not awkward. That “clap” at the start of the chorus also goes well with the change in scenery in the animation. As the title of the song implies,  the video becomes colorful and lighter in mood. The “afterimage” of the fan’s motion reminds me of Kinect, but it also adds aesthetic effects to the animation.

5. Anime : Haikyuu!! | Song : Tenchi Gaeshi | Artist : NICO Touches the Walls


To be honest, I like this more than the Haikyuu!! OP. It’s not just because of the music (which is suitably relaxing in the ED as it is supposed to be), but also because of its more beautiful character drawings. 🙂 The characters in this animation resemble more their original designs in the manga than do in the OP animation. The dynamic lines used were able to emphasize the facial features of the protagonists. It reminds me of go-home after-school after club activities because of the overall orange tone, which can be associated with sunset. My favorite part for this ED is when the manager, Shimizu Kiyoko, who is facing away from the screen, starts turning her head to the screen, added with wind and hair effects. The angle was so beautiful, too, like the character herself. 😀

6. Anime : Black Bullet | Song : Tokohana | Artist : Yanagi Nagi

To be honest, I dropped the anime at episode 1, so I cannot give a proper analysis on the relevance of the ED to the anime itself. But setting that aside, Yanagi Nagi and rock instrumentals in a song aren’t my cup of tea, but this was surprisingly a good song to listen to, especially the chorus. I have nothing more to say.

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