Student life and anime

A mixture of lesson and a bit of something personal/reflection…

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Being a student, adults say, is an easy part in life next to childhood, which is the easiest and the most worry-free period. But there are differences in our lives as students as we level up from primary school to college.

In primary school, teachers help us build our self-confidence and discover our talents and other strange abilities which may come in handy throughout our lives. They also give us enormous amount of irrelevant projects so that we have other stuff where we can save our grades and, in the process, learn how wasteful they really are despite the teachers wanting us to put our creativity into each of these projects. 🙄

In middle school and high school, we discover ourselves more, and I mean, more inwardly. We meet different people of a wide range of personalities. There are bullies who aren’t easily chastised, the bullied-just-because-they-liked-things-‘normal’-people-didn’t-like, the princes charming and the damsels in distress who constantly get attention from everyone everywhere, and those who prefer to lurk in the shadows, avoiding attention and the stress that comes with it. And before we know it, we belong to a stereotype of a student. I, for one, belonged to the fourth class I mentioned. I didn’t really like getting attention, or becoming a subject of gossips and rumors, so I was the quiet and shy student who could go unnoticed in the crowd. Nonetheless, I’d rather stay alone or with my friends than blend in the suffocating crowd. My life was almost 180 degrees different from my primary school days. I used to be the one getting the most attention because of my cheerful disposition and smarts. But, well, those shining moments weren’t that glorious. I’d say I like the stillness of the quiet life I achieved in high school, being the introvert I naturally am.

I just have to be an observer of other people’s lives and activities. (Photo not mine)

But high school was really dramatic despite the monotonous student life route I decided to take. I made friends-close friends-who were always there for me during the good times and the bad times, which were mainly the conflicts and misunderstandings between one another. Isn’t that ironic? But thanks to those dramatic, sakura-colored memories, we still remain close friends despite the physical separation and the rare chances of meeting up every year.

And now, college. In college, professors make us realize how useless our high school achievements were and the hotpot of cultures of the people within the institution tells us that only the demigods (of high school) can remain, or even become more, famous in the university. Not that I wanted to become famous. It’s totally the opposite. But I sometimes wonder how the famous students deal with all the rumors, gossips, compliments, and praises they get from here and there and everywhere (I mean, even outside the school). It must be hard to be a celebrity. Thankfully, I am not. What else do we learn in college? I can’t conclusively say what I have learned in college. I have to reserve that topic for another time, when I finally get out of that cage. As they say, it’s easy to get in here, but it’s difficult to get out.

I am now on my fourth, and hopefully, last year in my university. Being the expert I had become as a shadow in high school, I automatically chose the idle route. However, I ended up wanting to join our course-based organization, and I have successfully entered the group. I have to set this story aside.

Many things happened throughout my school days, which is still ongoing now, and anime has been a great companion in my studies. Other people around me prefer partying on the weekend, eat out at expensive restaurants or student-friendly cafes, and go to the nearest beach and get tan lines to relieve the stress that have built up for the past few days of school. And here I am, staying in our house like a kawaii potato and watching my favorite anime when I find time.

 Just like the pleasures other people get from their hobbies, I also get a great amount of feels and happiness when I watch a good anime. My list just doesn’t seem to stop from increasing along with my list of favorites. I meet people online who are into anime as well and get to discuss with them our thoughts on particular anime. There are also a lot of things/lessons we can learn from anime, but the act of actually considering these lessons is a personal matter. An anime enthusiast can choose what to believe or consider for further investigation and contemplation. For me, that’s the kind of stress relieving activity that I partake, enriching my views on life, perceptions of people, and conception of ideas and principles. Though I have to admit that I am sometimes easily distracted by my desire to watch anime (or read manga, for that matter) from my chores and school duties. 😳

I am fully aware that I still have a long way to go in my mission of sharing lessons through anime and effectively writing my insights, but there’s nothing that I have to be ashamed of. I like what I do, and I do what I like. Moreover, I feel the need that I have to tell why I have remained an anime enthusiast on an opportune time.

7 responses to “Student life and anime

  1. Life is like that. But I read a profound passage somewhere (I can’t remember where), that in life, we don’t make mistakes, only learning opportunities. I’ve also been re-watching Bakuman (again), and I just always feel motivated because it’s always emphasized in the series that all of the manga they have drawn, even the “failed” ones, have propelled them into making better manga each time.

    Just do your best. And no matter what happens in your life, if you and yourself alone decided to do it, you can’t really regret it. <== again, from Bakuman. 😉

    • Thank you for that friendly reminder!

      To be honest, I do not think I chose the course I wanted best, though I have come to like my course now. But still, now that I am in my fourth year, I have realized a lot of things and one of that is what I truly want to accomplish and become in the future. At the same time, I also realized that my life isn’t just mine anymore… but it wasn’t really mine in the first place.

      I *chose* this path for various reasons and one of that is I want to help my parents alleviate our current standard of living. That is my first priority now. After I successfully reach the day when my parents can be truly proud of me and happy with life without having to deal with financial stress, I can freely push myself to pursue my dreams. 🙂

      Welp, that was lengthy… Again, thank you for dropping by, ariacross!

      • That’s very admirable. Not many people will do the things that you’re doing or even think the way that you do. At least, you’re expecting that you’ll graduate soon. Best of luck to your future endeavours. Having a determination like that, keep it up.

        It’s good to have an inspiration like your family. Hope they are well. Cheers!

  2. Congrats, graduating student ka na pala! Naalala ko tuloy ang college days ko. Feel so old again.. Hahaha I strongly agree with you that we can relate or apply the lessons from watching anime (or reading manga) in reality. I am not an “anime expert” but I sincerely appreciate the moral it implies. 🙂

    • Thank you! Graduation’s still far, but I’ll eventually get there, hopefully, in a year. XD Yep. That’s why I created this blog in the first place. I really want to discuss deeper the lessons that I get from these anime and I hope a lot of anime enthusiasts and non-anime watchers can learn from them, too. 😀

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