Wars, humanity, peace

vlcsnap-2014-04-18-19h59m29s82Why do people have to fight each other? It’s because people find it difficult to understand each other well. Why is that so? Is it only because one cannot completely relate to the circumstances of another? Or is it also simply because one refuses to even listen to the woes of another, turning a blind eye to those in the opposite direction–not truly facing them?

It is a given that each has a different set of interests from another. Be it about personal dreams or aspirations, wealth, fame, public service, knowledge, pursuit of truth and principles, etc.  These interest are, at a fundamental level, not enough to be used as an excuse to wage war and conflicts.

I believe that there is never any valid reason to start picking a heated fight with someone just because your views do not completely overlap. We are made with hearts and minds unique from those of other people. Yes, our minds enable us to process information in complex ways. Our hearts exist for us to feel what we also perceive, consuming the abstract and the intangible. What I love might be something you despise, and vice versa.

But humans are wonderful beings. We are made for peace, not war. The mind is there to grasp the differences between each one of us, analyze the circumstances of other people, and the rationality, or even the irrationality,  behind their actions. Humans have hearts to forgive one another, to love one another, to care for one another, and to depend on others and be dependable. The most forgiving and understanding heart is one that has had experienced hurt and pain.

Peace can only be achieved if everyone is just so willing to compromise their interests, their own selfishness, and start thinking of others with love and compassion.

3 responses to “Wars, humanity, peace

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  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s not really these conflicting interests that divide us – it’s something more internal. We can choose to empathize, work together, and forgive, or we can choose our own interests and put them first. Too often we do the latter, whether it be on interpersonal levels or in greater conflicts.

    • Thank you for that wonderful comment!

      It’s kind of sad that even if we have these goals to be as compassionate towards others, we almost always get sidetracked by the ‘desires’ in our hearts. It’s kind of ironic how the heart is capable of being both selfish and selfless.
      And I think that’s how humans are not perfect beings. We never once were, and never will be.

      On the brighter side, because of our imperfection, we get the sense (even without having others to directly tell us) to fix our mistakes. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. People have slumps in any points in their lives, incapable of immediately getting back up. And because of this brokenness, we know that there’s definitely something wrong, and anything that is wrong upsets us and often incapacitates us. If we feel discomfort, it is more than just our instinct to seek a comfortable place, because, in the end, all we want and need is peace of mind.

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