[Characters and I] #1 – Hades Aidoneus

This series of posts (Characters I Can Relate to) might be slow on the updates, but I think it is necessary for the sake of collecting these lovely characters in whom I find myself through some of their antics and behaviors.

“Then I volunteer, as well”

Spring 2014 was already over, but let me bring back to life some of my thoughts, which were never really carved in any stone or tablet.

Just putting on captions to indicate which lines Hades is saying

“I would like to…”

The first entry is, of course, Hades from Kamigami no Asobi, which was an enjoyable series, considering my not-so-good general opinion towards reverse harem/shoujo anime because of the bland heroines. Thankfully, Kusanagi Yui isn’t completely a lame protagonist and KamiAso was, in my opinion, successfully entertaining in trying to highlight a different male lead candidate in each episode.

“I would like to volunteer as well…”

Anyway, Hades is obviously my favorite from the series because I could easily self-insert into his character because of the creepy coincidences with my own personality.

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– He’s an introvert, one who doesn’t normally mingle with others or talk too much in front of a group of people or crowd, but doesn’t mind talking to anyone when it’s necessary, or when he deems it fun to do so.

And I am like that, too. I don’t normally talk, even if others think I should, because I tend to just process my thoughts in my head without feeling the need to share those thoughts to others via speech.

– He emits a gloomy aura, which I think I also emit.

A classmate once told me to smile more often because I look too stiff, or even threatening, especially when I am just silent and wearing my default poker face. 😐 And since my eyes are big, I look like I am silently judging a person I am incidentally glaring at. I personally find this trait of mine to be quite a problem that I have to solve.

– He is bad at communicating with others.

Uh oh, please don’t judge me. Regardless of how I seem to be a nice person who can talk to anyone face-to-face for straight hours, I am really bad at conveying my own ideas and feelings to others, even to my friends. When I try to speak during heated discussions, conveniently enough, others cannot hear me, as if my voice blended well with the background noise. Of course, I highly regard everyone else’s ideas, but the result is that I often get ignored in discussions. That is  honestly depressing, so I just stay quiet. This has been my auto-pilot mode for years now.

“Ichigo daifuku–what a glorious collaboration.”

And… OnoD, why are you so adorable?

So that’s the glorious collaboration of Hades and yours truly.

3 responses to “[Characters and I] #1 – Hades Aidoneus

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  2. I definitely get what you mean. I’m a bit of an introvert too and have this special gift where I can make any situation into an awkward one. I don’t mind talking, but only when needed or when I think the topic is a fun one. The only problem is that not many of my real life friends has the same tastes as me, so I can’t really go all out.

    I don’t emit a gloomy aura though, so I guess that’s where we differ. I have big eyes too, but when someone talks they usually think I’m not understanding what they’re saying. I am, but I’m just making sure I take in everything before replying.

    This seems like a fun project! I’ll be looking forward to what other characters fit you. 🙂

    • I can relate. I don’t know why but whenever I speak and they (my friends) actually hear what I said, their reactions are like “what?”, “eh?”, “orly?”. And it gets awkward whenever I have to say it again for them because they do not care anymore or shift their attention towards another topic. [Or maybe because I still process everything, then present my thoughts, but at that time they have already moved on]. And actually, that’s my current dilemma with my current friends. I enjoy their company if they talk about general things they like, but I gradually come to dislike these shallow discussions because they move on too fast, without any reflections on what they said or what have been discussed. Or is it because I don’t always fancy shallow/small talks? Errr, might leave that for another post.

      Thank you! And I can see why many introverts gather online, especially in anime blogosphere where we can post everything we want and let other enthusiasts read them and discuss them. XD

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