Winter 2014: My favorite OP

Back to this unfinished anime music business. Welp, I’m still compiling my favorite OP and ED, so this series of posts will take a long while to finish. Plus, I don’t want to fill my home page with consecutive posts of the same type/category, especially if they have almost the same words on the title. I… did that before, so I don’t want to do it again.

Hazukashii. O/////O

Again, this is not listed in any order. The numbers are just there for the sake of counting the entries.

1. Anime : Noragami | Song : Goya no Machiawase (午夜の待ち合わせ) | Artist : Hello Sleepwalkers

This one is surprisingly visually pleasing despite its minimalist color palette. It was easy to look at the characters in duotones against Even though the music itself is kind of energetic, it’s somehow contradictory that most of the time it lacks over-the-top animation since it is supposedly an action shounen anime. But the climax of the music near the end was synchronized with the sudden change of pace in the animation due to the added action scenes, which hinted what the anime’s scope was going to be.

2. Anime : Nisekoi | Song : CLICK | Artist : ClariS

Ugh, this brings back the sad news about ClariS. Although the group will not disband, it will totally be different without Alice, since I’ve come to love their songs when they were still complete.

Of course, the anime gives off an overall positive vibe because of the ClariS song that makes you dance.

Anyway, SHAFT is really fond of altering the colors in their OP (and, of course, the scenes in their anime), so this particular OP was naturally SHAFT material easy to digest. And they did a pretty nice job in adapting the character designs from the manga. SHAFT lives up to its name with its fluid animation in this OP. That said, it kind of reminds me of the BakaTest anime. Can’t blame the influences between the animation studios and their respective big-name directors.

I like how it tried to first hide the identities of the harem girls who appear later in the series, then eventually reveal them. But there’s one part (1:09 – 1:19) I didn’t like because the background was too bright.

3. Anime : Gin no Saji 2 | Song : LIFE | Artist : Fujifabric

I’m sorry but you’d have to see the anime to watch the opening.

SOL anime with SOL-ish music and relaxing pace and animation cuts. What can go wrong?

Okay. I’m done with this season! Few entries because I only watched a few shows.

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