[Characters and I] #2 – Kuroko Tetsuya

Out of the color-named Teikou characters in KuroBasu, why is Kuroko the only odd one out?  This is one of the most baffling mysteries I’ve ever encountered in my whole life. In all seriousness. Yup. (Eh, I don’t fancy the black-haired Tetsuya. All we need is the adorable, puppy-eyed, light blue-haired Tetsuya.)

Boku ni mo wakaranai.

Boku ni mo wakaranai.

I used to be crazy about KuroBasu and its characters, but the excessive fangirling (and fanboying, for sure) for the series drove me away (yes, I’m bipolar like that), though not entirely in a bad way. It was just a sudden decision to slow down on my consumption of KuroBasu materials to control myself, not letting the flow carry me wherever it was going. And, yes, I still have this lingering affection towards the series and some of the characters, most especially Kuroko Tetsuya.

Kuroko and I are… stealthy… like ninja. We can easily slip in and out of the crowd without getting noticed by the masses. It’s inherent in us that we have so little presence, especially in public places where our existence is almost negligible (unless we do something crazy, but no, we’d rather not). And, maybe because of that, I’ve developed the skill of easily slipping through the tiny spaces between people I pass by in public places. My feet, too, are equipped with swiftness, allowing me to smoothly slide along the route I have drafted in my mind whenever I see many strangers in front of me as I walk and travel.

Not only strangers or acquaintance forget about my presence in, for example, a room, but also my friends. Let me cite an example that happened recently.

We were busy last week with our preparations for the university pageant for the selected freshmen delegates of every program offered by the university. In the front yard of a classmate’s dormitory unit on that fateful night, there were about 10 of us working on a set of costumes that will be worn by our course’s delegates. Due to the lack of sleep that has accumulated for two days (I only slept for 2 hours each day), my movements were already getting languid and I had a hard time keeping my eyes wide open. Even if I did manage to keep my eyes open, my mind would drift away quickly and my hands would be unable to do what I wanted them to do with the costume parts. In short, I was on the verge of zombification. I finally wanted to give in to Morpheus’ demands and let him take me to dreamland. Without bothering to tell anyone, I walked towards the bench where everybody’s bags were put and I moved these bags tighter together so that I could make some space on the bench. In the small space I made, I crammed myself just like a cat that can sleep anywhere comfortably. It didn’t take too long for me to fall asleep. Soundly. I was woken up because it was already time for us downtown persons to go home, only to be told that they didn’t immediately notice that I was ‘gone’. They. DIDN”T. SEE. ME. SLEEPING. ON. THAT. COMFORTABLE. BENCH.

There goes my misdirection skill. Wait, I didn’t even lift a finger to do that. I just slept. (But, I think they were just engrossed in their duties and chitchats)

16 responses to “[Characters and I] #2 – Kuroko Tetsuya

  1. Indeed. I find this a great mystery, as well. And I think I should resume watching the series, especially since the manga ended and all. Oh well. When I’m in the mood.

    I can’t really relate to his character, since people tell me that I have a big presence–too big that it’s sometimes suffocating, according to my siblings. Hmmm. I don’t believe them, of course. 😀

      • Unfortunately no, but I know that I’m going to pick it up again (someday). 😉
        Perhaps on my next break which is on Christmas. Hmmm. We’ll see.

        Well, that’s why I was very interested with the concept of Nen from HUNTERxHUNTER. There’s the ability “Zetsu” where you can completely hide your presence, so others won’t sense you. Hmmmmm. Oh! Perhaps Kuroko is using Zetsu without noticing it? XD

  2. Almost the same goes for me too.
    I’m either a picky person in terms of friends, probably why i don’t have any permanent clique to join during recess and sort of wander around. Mostly i’m fine talking with anyone under the sun (by that i mean ANYONE, i simply go up to them and say Hi~ Do i know you from somewhere before?, then if conversation fails, i walk away awkwardly)
    And lehzalee, i’m alone all the time (well almost), but i guess i’m bipolar around people. I’m not lonely, just prefer to be alone. My reason is the same as yours, i’m abit afraid of being judged by people, so sometimes i behave like i have low self-esteem. However, i’m fine striking conversation with strangers within my age group( as long as its not awkward).
    I don’t think i have that much of a presence, but i haven’t been in a situation where i really need to run. I’m just so FREAKING silent sometimes it creeps the hell outta people that don’t know me.
    Haha, maybe i’m a Kuroko and Kise hybrid? Or maybe a Kuroko and Akashi hybrid…

    • From what you said, I think you’re a more of a fusion of Kuroko and Kise than Kuroko and Akashi.

      I also have those moments when I just feel like talking to anyone I don’t know… in a place where nobody else knows my identity.

      • Hehe.
        But when i’m pissed i become a lil’ bit like Akashi.
        Let’s see then, in terms of leadership, i’m mostly Akashi, but in hordes(or crowds) of people i melt to become Kuroko. With people i am familiar with(mostly friends), i am the cheerful Kise(bipolar, am i not?)
        Maybe cut out the Kise, since i’m not popular with any gender (except sometimes the opposite gender)
        So, i do think i’m Kuroko-Akashi hybrid.

  3. I guess you’re too un-sight-ly IM SO SORRY IM JOKING i dont mean that at all i just wanted to make a pun bc i rarely get to do that ><

    Jokes aside, if it was me, i might feel quite sad and annoyed. I understand that possibly its just an accident not noticing you, but if its like many instances then it would be not pleasant for me

    And also, i do the ninja thing a lot as well. Im usually alone at school and i dislike the awkward feeling when i pass by my classmates talking with their clique, so i would just dart around here and there in school haha xD

    • Oh my, maybe I am un-sight-ly!!! XD Nah, I look myself in the mirror and I’m happy with what puberty has done.

      Oh, yeah, I sometimes feel sad, but I kind of gotten used to being ignored, so I just do my own stuff without bothering other people. Hahaha. Like a ninja~

      Kindred spirit!! 🐱 But aside from feeling awkward, I think I am awkward myself. Hahaha. I am just bad at this socializing thing. I’m only interested to continue a conversation with someone who’s really interested in talking with me. And, no, I don’t always initiate the conversation, that’s against my nature, but I sometimes start it.

      Oh yeah, I’m naturally okay with being by myself at school. When I don’t have someone with me, I even eat my lunch all by myself. Sure, a meal is more enjoyable with friends. but I still wonder why other people CAN’T eat their lunch at school unless they have company.

      • Im also grateful to puberty but my pimples really need to go, they’re so annoying xD

        Erm to be totally honest with you, i used to dont go down to canteen for lunch because I didnt have a clique. Then i slowly got used to eating in the classroom and have been doing that ever since. My reason is that i am kind of afraid of being judged by others? I know it’s a silly reason but i couldnt help it I guess… But now having read your comment, it made me rethink this and I have decided to try going down and eat, even if im by myself 🙂

  4. Does your family do it to you too? The amount of times I’ve been in a room with my parents and then they get up and turn off the lights, even though I’m still there. Sadly, it’s happened more than a couple of times. hehe.

    I’m somewhat like this too. No one really notices me and that’s fine by me, but if I’m away or sick people think I’m there when I’m not. Sometimes friends of mine will say things like, “Remember when this happened.” And I wouldn’t, because I was sick that day. When I mention that to them, they always say, “Oh, I thought you were there?”

    • My father does it a lot of times. Maybe it’s just his age or something, but he always locks the back door of the house even when I am taking a bath (we have external bathroom). 😦 Not only that. Just earlier today, he forgot to fetch me from where I was working as a tutor. D:

      Oh, I have those moments, too. But I am also guilty of doing that to them. In college, some classmates get left behind on some subjects because they didn’t pass it the first time. And when we’re together, I accidentally ask them things that only my current classmates in the on-time subjects can relate to. D: And I realize my mistake after the words have been spoken.

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