[30-Week Anime] WEEK 2 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

This post is an entry to the 30 Week Anime Challenge series of posts. 

I would like to answer NouCome (Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru) to this particular question, being reminded by mochirochi’s post. It’s one of those harem anime where we meet the protagonist and the usual harem constituents, but all of them were oddballs. Plus, the bizarre premise per se was really interesting that I gave this anime a try… and enjoyed its every bit. The intentional hilarity and the bizarre premise were hilarious that I had almost died several times from laughing too much. No episode was missed! I know, I know. In the end the show doesn’t really make sense, it openly mocks other products, and it’s full of references and suggestive jokes. I won’t recommend this series to anyone new to anime.

But for the sake of answering this challenge and not copy-and-pasting an answer by a comrade, I’ll just give another series which I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed. (I don’t sound reluctant at all. Am I really ashamed to share this secret? Now it won’t be a secret anymore…)

I think this is even worse than NouCome. It’s Yuushibu. (Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita.). Yes, they aired on the same season (Fall 2013). Yes, Yuushibu‘s full title has a period. And, yes, both series’ titles are way toooooo long. A trend within the light novel department, apparently.

I mean, it’s 90% fan service, 10% story, characters, and everything in between. Even if it’s visually alarming most of the time, I think I’ve found something (or some things) in the characters that enabled me to enjoy the anime anyway. It’s got something to do with how the two main characters were interacting with each other.

They were really fun to watch. At least, I genuinely felt that. Fino’s clumsiness and bravado, although not at all a unique combination of characteristics, are more entertaining and not annoying to watch—thanks to Raul’s being the watchful baby-sitter of the Devil Lord’s descendant, quite an irony to his vow of vanquishing all evil and becoming a real hero. But I don’t particularly like to pair them as a romantic couple. They didn’t give off a good chemistry on-screen. It seemed more like a brother-little sister relationship, overcoming their fundamental differences.

It somehow seems like I’m putting too much credit on the anime, but those are just the things that resonated within me. Again, I don’t think everyone will enjoy this series because one might not appreciate (or even see) the goodness beneath the excessive fan service.

I tend to avoid ecchi anime, but seeing that I even enjoyed the two series I mentioned here I might be really fine with watching them, although it’s embarrassing every time. While it’s true that I have gotten used to seeing these shots that initially put me off, I am afraid that the day will come when I will really be able to embrace ecchi anime without feeling a tiny bit of discomfort.

37 responses to “[30-Week Anime] WEEK 2 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

  1. I saw the Noucome picture and laughed because I remembered that scene…:p

    I’ve heard of Yuushibu but never watched it. If you feel this way about it though, I might give it a go. Sounds funny and definitely in the same theme of Noucome.

    • I hope you find the gem hidden in it. I mean, if I try to recall those scenes in Yuushibu, I somehow cannot defend it without really trying my best to express my affection towards the main characters. Tell me what you think of it when you finish watching it.

        • Hahaha. Okay, then. As long as one is open-minded with this kind of series, he can enjoy it. Despite the cold glares from the critiques out there, there is some beauty in the two anime I just mentioned here.

        • That would be in December and all the ‘terror’ would be over by Christmas, we have a new academic year structure, whereby instead of having exams in January, we’d have have them in December, so as to have a happy Christmas, until we found out what our marks are. I’m sure they did it all for our sake. No, I am joking regarding the reason I gave for the new academic year structure, I really have no idea why they changed it. I used to know, but apparently my brain didn’t find it essential for my academic ‘success’ *cough* and so I’d forgotten O.o

          Thank you for your kind words! Good luck to you, as well, not only with your reports, but with all academic matters in general! 😀 Btw, will you have exams?

        • We’ve also changed our academic year. It’s called the academic shift, because instead of starting classes on June for first semester, we had it on August. That’s 2-month shift. And the semester ends in December as well, with the finals on the 2nd week. Our university started this school calendar shift, but other universities are expected to follow next year as our country is trying to enter internationalization of our education as part of ASEAN integration 2015. The changes would allow students to come and go to other countries’ universities, easing the access of being exchange students because most of the school calendars of ASEAN universities would be similar.

          Thank you! 😀 We have exams depending on our instructor’s whims, but our finals will be on December, as I’ve mentioned above. Speaking of exams, we have one exam in Food Packaging next week.

        • Exams already?! whoa, good luck to you then! I’ve a very strong feeling, though, that you’ll do just fine 😀

        • Thank you! Why do have that strong feeling? Now, I’m quite curious if I’m giving that doing-well-in-exams-with-little-studying vibe.

        • No no, I don’t get that ‘vibe’. I just ‘feel’ you’re the kind of person who performs well academically ^_^ Am I wrong?

        • Wow. Are you an esper or something? (Or does being a Psychology student help in your ability to feel things that are close to reality?)

          Hmmm, I’d like to believe that I’m an academic person. I admit that I’ve stayed in the dean’s list for several semesters already, but I’m not yet contented with my output. Yet. And, to be honest, I’m unmotivated these days (because of my disinterest in my thesis; I want to change it but still haven’t talked my concern with my adviser), so my performance this semester is not so good. 😦

        • I’m no esper – thank Yato! – I don’t think I actually believe in ESP O.o but I’ll take it as a compliment and it did make me laugh 😀

          Regarding bad times in school – we all have them … I hope you manage to turn it all round and be happy with the end result. Be strong and keep going for anything that makes you happy – and speaking of this, I wish you the best of luck! ^_^

        • Yatogami?~ Oh my, you just reminded me of how much I love that guy. ❤

          Aww. Thank you. You're so sweet, nikki. Those kind words are more than enough to make me smile. 😀 Gotta reciprocate the good vibes: I wish you all the best, too!!!

        • Rather than ‘scares’, it ‘amazes’ me. I wish I had that same ability, too, so that I can tell who are being fake and who are being true in front of me.. or even at my back.

          I’ve unapproved your previous comment, so it’s okay now. Thanks for sharing that history with me.

        • thanks 😀 much appreciated indeed 😀 but it’s no ability, it’s just a gut feeling, or intuition if you will (at least that’s what I think of it) 😀

        • you don’t have to approve this comment, nor do you have to answer the question, but may I ask where you’re from? 😀

        • Okay. 😀 I’d like to give you a little puzzle for that question. Just browse the most used tags in my blog and you’d see a tag of a country with more than 1 post. 🙂

        • I was thinking it’d be the Philippines, but I don’t like making assumptions like this. I mean, it bothers me a lot when people don’t even give me a chance to answer such a question, they just ask ‘are you Polish?’ (Polish is one of the nationalities they guessed – and wrong at that :D)

          Anyway, wow 😀 I had a few friends at my previous job and most of them were from the Philippines 😀

        • That was courteous of you. I should learn from you. 😀

          Did you work part-time or full-time? What kind of job was it? I guess Filipinos are everywhere now. Do you have Filipino friends at the university, too?

        • I worked part-time during term-time, and full-time during summer and I was a care assistant in a care home for the elderly who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders. I am still a care assistant, I just work somewhere else 😀 Thanks for asking! Do you have a job? Or would you like to? 😀

          I don’t personally know anyone from the Philippines at uni (or at least none comes to my mind right now – maybe this is because I don’t really think about someone’s nationality, or religion or stuff like this), but I’m sure there are many Filipino students in Aberdeen 😀

        • That sounds like you have a lot of extra time from school work to be even able to get a part-time job. That sounds impressive and makes me proud of you. 😀 May I know how many school hours you usually spend every day/week?

          Hmm, I don’t have a ‘formal’ job, but I ‘work’ as an English/Math home tutor of a family friend’s half-Japanese niece. It’s a 3-hour session a week. Aside from that, I just stay at home.

          It’s actually my second time to be a home tutor. The first was last year, which last for almost a month. I and a friend (two-year older college friend) tutored two Korean middle school students who were staying in our city for vacation. We took turns in teaching which of the two students per week. I really enjoyed that experience. They were fun to teach, seeing that they’re so young and playful.

          Do you live in Aberdeen?

        • Yep yep, I live in Aberdeen 😀

          I don’t have a lot of extra time for school; that’s why I usually work 2 night shifts/week during term-time. And this is because I have to; I can’t and don’t want to ask Mum for money. It’s my ambition to study and live here with my dog, I couldn’t possibly ask her to pay my expenses. Hmmmm, you mean hours I spend in school? This semester not too many. 3 classes x 2 hours each, 5 x 1 hour tutorials and I think that’s pretty much it. But this is because unlike in our previous years, this year we only get the very basics during the classes and then go and do our own research. Besides, psychology students in their last year spend a lot of time putting together their experiment, testing and then analysing the data before writing their thesis, so even though we have less classes than, for example, the Law School, we have pretty much on our plates. And it’s a tad irresponsible of me to watch anime and stay online like this; but, as much as I love my degree, I also love my dog and anime and talking to people. I really do love what I do at uni, especially my upcoming project, but I want to find time for other stuff that I love. Besides, I think all’s well that ends well 😀

        • It’s a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology that I’m doing and it’s 4 years long. But I plan to do postgrad if I can, so yay for more studying 😀

          I only love certain branches of Psychology, though 😀

        • Ooh, I see. Your education system must be so much better than ours. We have so much subjects in every semester, even in our last year when we are supposed to do our research. I blame it on the poorly structured original education system, which only required 10-year pre-college learning. 😦 We missed out on a lot of things. But that was just recently changed. Last year, to be exact. The government added two more years in high school education to be in par with other countries’. Increased competency is expected for high school graduates when they enter college after 4 more years from now.

        • Wow O.o

          I think they’ve changed quite a few laws in academic matters as well as certain parts of the academic year structure since I left Romania. I keep hearing my siblings complain hahaha 😀

          It’s not too badly paced here and I love the fact that I can do what I love the most 😀 however, sometimes I do wish that a day was 72-hours long and a week had at least 9 days…

        • I’m guessing that it’s probably, though not entirely, because of our technology today. A lot of distractions and things to go idle with. Meep.

        • btw, I typed too fast, above I meant I don’t really have much time ‘from’ school, not ‘for’ school… I should learn to first check how I spell instead of quickly pressing ‘enter’ or ‘reply’ 😦

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