[ASS] #1 My kokoro is…

ASS = A.S.S. = Anime Song Syndrome

Yay! I’ve finally created this series (of posts) that I’ve been wanting to do. As much as I love anime, I really enjoy listening to anime songs, or Japanese music in general. I love how diverse Japanese music is, though I listen mostly to songs used in anime (OP, ED, some insert songs, OST). 

This is yet another filler series of posts which I think will be so much fun to do as I want to spread my love for the tracks I’m gonna be sharing here. Although I used “Anime Song Syndrome”, I don’t want to limit the entries to tracks only used in anime. I assume everyone in the anime fandom knows that OP and ED songs officially come out in the artists’ singles. But let me remind you that there usually are ‘other’ (or let’s say, ‘extra’) tracks in an artist’s single that isn’t used in anime. Thus, there is a difference between the anime track and the extras in terms of exposure and listener reach, i.e. the anime track would be expected to have more listeners than the extras. In turn, the anime track would be loved by more people than the extras, though I am fully aware that it’s mainly because people could much more easily relate to the anime-only music than to the non-anime music. Nevertheless, I am the type of person who actively tries to listen to those ‘extras’, as if always looking for another treasure. Thus, in this series, I also want to promote non-anime tracks that deserve recognition–that they are not, in any way, inferior to anime-only music.

[OreImo ED] Shiroi Kokoro (White Heart) by Hayami Saori

This song had been playing in my head last week, but I didn’t listen to the track itself recently. I mean, it just popped in my head and a certain part (around ‘Shiroi kyanbasu ni~‘) keeps repeating, without ever finishing the complete song (which is quite normal for an LSS).

Although the recording for the vocals kind of sounds weird, but it must be to go along with the echoing of the last portion of every line in the lyrics. The melody is too repetitive for a song and this which becomes more obvious as one listens to the song until the end. Who wouldn’t notice it when you’ve got more than six minutes of a piece? Still, this is one adorable song (not only because Hayami Saori ❤ is the singer) because of the piano and the techno music, which I dig any time of the day.

P.S. This is the only ED from OreImo that I actually listened to.

P.P.S. Oh, yes, once again– ❤ Hayami Saori ❤

This post is an entry to the Anime Song Syndrome series of posts. 

7 responses to “[ASS] #1 My kokoro is…

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  2. I really enjoy listening to anime songs too! 🙂

    This sounds like a nice song to listen to while working on something. It is somewhat repetitive, but it should not be a problem: there is a good constant beat for a continuous energy supplementation and a nice soothing voice for a calming effect. That’s almost like matcha! Ha! XD

    Thank you for mentioning those “extra” tracks! I have not heard this song before, but I have not seen OreImo.

    • It’s really great to see someone who’s passionate on this subject! 😀 Nice to meet you, Kitsune!

      Glad to know that you found Shiroi Kokoro to your liking. Oh, I haven’t tried matcha. Not even once. 😦

      You’re welcome! I seem to be passionate on those extra tracks, ever since I became aware of the anime OSTs and followed the music of some of my favorite artists. What fueled this passion even more is that I found a great number of really great songs from other Japanese artists that haven’t found their way to spotlight.

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