[ASS] #2 Being yourself

I watched episodes 9 to 12 of Barakamon in one sitting two days ago. I think you could guess right away which song got stuck in my head after that.

[Barakamon OP] Rashisa by SUPER BEAVER
How it got stuck in my head…

Yesterday, I was inside the bathroom, well, taking a bath. I’m the type of person who, regardless of the vocal incompetence, enjoys singing and holding a mini concert in the bathroom (and in her own room, for that matter). I was singing English songs at first, then all of a sudden, the phrase or line of the song–Jibun rashisa tte nanda?–started to play in my head. And since I couldn’t control whichever song suddenly played in my mind, I just went with it and tried my best to sing along the melody that only I could hear. That time, I was just being myself, enjoying the music that is dear to me.

I love this song, and it’s one of my favorite OP from last season, for reasons I won’t elaborate here.

Mind you, it still plays in my head even after I listen to other Japanese songs.

This post is an entry to the Anime Song Syndrome series of posts. 

12 responses to “[ASS] #2 Being yourself

    • A thought-provoking line from the get-go! XD

      I really love how the instruments stopped playing along with that line. :3 It introduces a brief silence that would make listeners think of that resonating phrase within themselves. And yup, it’s a pretty nice PV–relevant to what the song tries to say. 🙂

      I’m happy that you’re enjoying these ASS features!

  1. Omg everytime barakamon op plays on my music player, I get super excited and then realisation hit me that Barakamon is over T>T hopefully there will be a season 2 bc personally, I really enjoyed the anime

    • Not to destroy your hopes, but I doubt there would be a sequel to the show. The animation studio (Kinema Citrus), at the moment, isn’t the type to produce a sequel of their anime. Although the anime is popular and is rated highly, it isn’t doing well in DVD sales. 😦

      Also, I personally think it was wrapped up nicely, leaving the rest of the story to the imagination of the viewers. But of course, there’s the manga if you ever want to indulge in Barakamon goodness. 🙂

      • BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS A HINT that Hiroshi was graduating and so he was planning to go work in the city, and there possibly could be a sequel about all of them living in the city and Handa being a tour guide haha xD but well if there’s no sequel, it’s okay I guess

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