[30-Week Anime] WEEK 5 – Favorite Anime OP Theme Song

This post is an entry to the 30 Week Anime Challenge series of posts. 

Aaaah, this one’s difficult.

I have a lot of favorite OP (and ED) theme songs! Most of BLEACH’s OP were awesome. There was *~Asterisk~ by Orange Range, D-tecnoLife by UVErworld, ALONES by Aqua Timez, Shoujo S by SCANDAL, and Ranbu no Melody by SID. I liked some of NARUTO’s OP, such as distance by LONG SHOT PARTY, Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni by little by little, GO!!! By FLOW, Haruka Kanata by ASIA KUNG-FU GENERATION, and Hero’s Come Back!! Bynobodyknows+. Code Geass had a solid OP collection: Colors and WORLD END by FLOW and O2 by ORANGE RANGE. And then, there’s Gintama (all seasons) whose OP were all catchy, but the ones that stood out were Pray by Tommy heavenly6, Donten by DOES, Stairway Generation by Base Ball Bear, Wonderland by FLiP, Tougenkyou Alien by serial TV drama, and Sakura Mitsutsuki by SPYAIR. Pre-2000s anime OPs are very memorable, too, as I sing them from time to time. Aaaaaah, I don’t want to choose!

I don’t want to… but I need to. Okay, I’ll just make a huge list in the future.

For this challenge’s sake, I choose five songs according to the number of plays in my music library. I listed them down in no particular order of favoritism (but I arranged them in descending number of plays). I mean, the number of plays don’t always reflect how much you love a song, right? Without further ado, here they are:

Velonica by Aqua Timez

  • That BASS. Probably my most favorite OP in BLEACH. Many would pick ALONES instead of this song, but this song’s instrumentals are rather very reflective of the atmosphere of the anime. The keyboards always remind me of that background music that was often used during Ichigo’s battles, particularly before the clash of their zanpakutou or whatever power. But what I loved the most in this OP was the choice of colors. Aqua Timez ❤

Aoi Shiori by Galileo Galilei

  • The song that introduced me to this awesome band. A lovely OP for a lovely anime. I think everybody who’s watched AnoHana would agree with me that the OP is one of the things one would look forward to every episode of the anime. The lyrics, instrumental, and the melody are all beautiful and were perfect match to the story. The OP itself was animated as if it was telling the whole story in a summary.


  • I was not a big fan of the Ao no Exorcist anime, but the OP were soooo good! This punk rock OP is so badass that it adds excitement for every episode. Though I cringe at the lack of badass action scenes that could have matched the energy of the song.


  • Befitting title for the anime with complex character relationships and interconnected stories. That pizzicato got me hooked! The animated OP was done really well. It was very creative in the use of color-character associations and in terms of presenting the characters in the manner of apparently linear relationship. I love how Celty was the last character in the OP.

GO!!! by FLOW

  • A highly energetic and memorable song that goes along with the lively and young characters of pre-Shippuuden NARUTO. The animation shows the cheerfulness of the show and with the song combined, it never fails to make me sing along!

These were my favorite OP songs. Of course, as I have mentioned there are a lot of OP theme songs that are worth mentioning, but let’s put them in another post or two in another time.

9 responses to “[30-Week Anime] WEEK 5 – Favorite Anime OP Theme Song

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  2. Favorite OP and ED? That’s an impossible choice for me! >.< Thus, I decided to break my favorites by decade: 70, 80, 90s and published them in a series of posts on my blog.

    From your selection, I like the most Shoujo S by SCANDAL from the list and Go from the top five.

    • It was difficult for me to assess, too! That’s why I resorted to my iTunes, which was not a very reliable method, by the way but, at least, it helped me get through with this particular challenge.

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    • Who wouldn’t? They’re two of the sweetest (or bittersweet?) songs in anime. Many fans would sing along every time they watched the karaoke’d OP and ED of the anime. Thanks for the comment and for dropping by!

      • I love your choices, too! 😀 I’m not familiar with the ones from Naruto, but I loved all the other ones 😀

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