Anime 2014 in Retrospect… sort of

I just thought I want to answer E minor‘s survey, despite the fact that I haven’t gotten past Summer 2014 anime backlog. So I guess this is not a valid answer form, but just more of a personal checkup on what my anime watch list this year has been. I just chose some of the questions.

1. What was your overall favorite anime of the year?

This might not be the general choice, but I think very fondly of Gin no Saji (2nd season). Aside from the fact that I can relate to some of the academic aspects of the show (like food processing), it made a deeper personal connection with me. Hachiken and I are going through the same thing in life–still uncertain of what we want to become or achieve in life, but riding life anyway and enjoying every moment that would not occur again. Instead of feeling all down, the show has given me an optimistic view on how I want to take things from here on out.

2. What was your favorite action anime of the year?

 I really liked Noragami, that I even decided to read the manga. I know it’s not that great in terms of the action side of the show, so strictly speaking, it’s not an appropriate answer to this question. But it just made an impact to me that I feel the need to mention it, relying on the fact that it got the ‘action’ tag. Its strong points would be the characters themselves and how much mystery clouds them, especially the gods. Yato is the most interesting character as he’s the most mysterious, in spite of keeping a happy and goofy personality. The story arcs, which seem to be quite discontinuous at first, are neatly written and, in fact, intertwined. You might not see where I’m going with my claims since the anime was really short. Reading the manga might help see my point.

3. Comedy?

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou never failed to entertain me. Its story is just simple, but the humorous conversations are what made the seemingly ordinary story quite enjoyable. The characters are all likable, too. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Sabagebu! are mainly comedy shows dressed in high school setting. Like BokuKawai, the characters other than the MC in Nozaki-kun have their distinct antics that are often the tools for the comedy. Sabagebu! liked making fun of itself and of its characters that their episodic troubles are just entertaining to watch and laugh at!

4. Drama?

Despite being remembered as a romance-comedy, Nisekoi had its share of serious exchanges between the main players and drama that mainly revolves around the lock-and-key mystery. As you can see, I really ship Raku x Chitoge, even if I’m starting to hate Raku and his thick-headedness and cowardice in pursuing Onodera (which I don’t want to happen anyway) if he REALLY likes her. So every time the series highlights Raku and Chitoge in a serious mood, I can’t help but feel bad for Chitoge, especially in those last few episodes. It’s giving me feels more than it intends to give off.

5. Harem?

Nisekoi. Not because of Raku and his chivalry, but because of the main girls, being interesting characters. But what I hate about them is that almost all of them get the same flustered reactions whenever Raku talks as smooth as a polished floor.

6. Mecha?

Sidonia no Kishi was fairly enjoyable. Gaunas are really scary. I think they scared me more than the titans in SnK did. Becoming a pilot of the Gardes is like wasting your life away. The last two episodes had me gripping the edge of my chair. I look forward to the second season!

7. Romance?

Hmmm, there seemed to be an improvement in the relationship between Hachiken and Mikage in Gin no Saji 2! That season was quite the teaser! I wanted to see more of them getting to know each other and finding out each other’s feelings. Baby Steps‘ Ei-chan and Nacchan are so cute together! Oh, youth.

8.Slice of life?

I’ve mentioned Gin no Saji before, but it’s really my favorite this year. Barakamon is also close to my heart.

9. Sports?

Haikyuu!! and Ping Pong, but Ping Pong wins in the thought department. It successfully showed how being involved in a sport does not simply mean being skilled, honing one’s skills in the sport, or winning as a proof of improvement and outdoing others. It showed just how much being an athlete does not solely boil down to being talented, but being an athlete and being good at the sport in question is also a matter of personal choice, influence from people one is close to, and one’s own inspiration.

10. Supernatural/horror?

Mushishi Zoku Shou. I love it to bits.

11. Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?

Sabagebu! was the pleasant surprise of this year. I didn’t have hopes of enjoying the show, or rather, I expected to drop it right away after the first episode. I’m glad that it proved me wrong right from the start.

Glasslip was a waste of time. I expected it would, at the very least, highlight some glass art. I guess I put my expectations in the wrong place.

12. Which anime should get a do-over?

Tokyo Ghoul? I heard fans of the manga didn’t really like how the anime turned out. It was too slow-paced for me, too.

13. What was the most memorable scene of the year?

A biased answer: THAT scene in episode 7 of Inou Battle. It’s not only because of Hayami Saori’s excellent voice acting. It’s also because of how unexpectedly looooong that rant was. I wonder if she ever took a break between those lines.

14. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Koe no Katachi TV anime adaptation! I love the manga, although it is difficult to read at times due to the realism in the story, execution of scenes and character acting.

15. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?

The fun in talking with other anime enthusiasts in the animeblogosphere and twitter and the personal enjoyment in watching new shows

14 responses to “Anime 2014 in Retrospect… sort of

  1. Oh my GOSH yes! Koe no Katachi~. I’m waiting for it this year. I have a feeling it’ll be like Isshuukan Friends (feelings wise) but better. Maybe I’m just biased because I really enjoyed the manga. Well anyway, high five! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ There’s a lot of good news this year, mainly with the new Suzumiya Haruhi spin off and Angel Beats OVA.

    Gin no Saji is an interesting choice for a number one anime. I enjoyed it, but it sort of went in my mind and then back out. I guess I’m trying to say that it didn’t leave as much of an impression as the first season did. I really enjoyed the romance development though. If there’s a third season… *cries* Doesn’t look like it.

    Thanks for directing me to your list. There’s quite a few anime I’m reminded of that I need to watch, like Ping Pong and Baby Steps. Argh

    • I really do hope the production committee will do justice to Koe no Katachi, because the source material is already complete. There’ll be no point in not completing it. Moreover, it’ll be too awkward if they decide to stop somewhere in the middle. I look forward to how they will do the art and character designs, too! KnT’s art is non-conventional because of the little touches and the overall vibe to it, so I hope it translates well in anime format.

      Next season is especially loaded with lots of stuff I want to see! Gintama (2015), Sidonia no Kishi, Nisekoi s2, Oregairu 2, Ore Monogatari, Baby Steps S2, Arslan Senki, and DanMachi among others >.< I don't know if I can even keep up. Also, I didn't know there'd be new Angel Beats! OVA. Thanks for the info!

      Aah, actually I did this survey very quick, so some of my answers are quite different than my overall impressions, which you can find here: .

      Yep. Ping Pong and Baby Steps are highly recommended shows!

      • I just wonder what studio is producing Koe no Katachi. Also I think it was supposed to be a film, not a typical TV series. I can see why they’d do that, and I hope it works well 🙂 (But then again, lots of studios stuff up their adaptations. *cough* Studio Deen *cough*)

        Woah didn’t know Nisekoi was getting season 2! That’s good because I’m an Onodera fan (lol). If only Madhouse would end their series properly or at least give a second season. Btooom, I’m looking at you especially… ( p_q)

        Ah yeah your impressions are a bit different from what’s here. I kind of regret dropping Hunter x Hunter, but I’m too lazy to pick it up. Seems like it was amazing though. I stopped around that weird bug arc? Episode 100~ ish I think. Do you reckon it’s worth re-watching?

        • Uh oh. I didn’t know it would be a theatrical release! 😦 How will they make it into a movie? Chop it into parts? Like making into a trilogy or whatever? I was expecting a TV series, but I think a movie series could work! Only one movie isn’t enough, and would only serve as an animated interpretation of what people who read the manga might appreciate.

          Oh no. I think we’re enemies in the Nisekoi love department. I belong to #TeamChitoge!

          Chimera Ant Arc’s beginning was kinda shaky and was too slowly paced compared to the earlier arcs, but the slow buildup actually works for the more intense and heavier content of the latter part of the arc, which I think you haven’t encountered yet. It’s understandable if you didn’t enjoy the first half of the arc, but to think you’ve dropped it. *Gasps* Was it too boring for you? Anyway, you should definitely pick it up again! But if you think it really isn’t for you, then don’t force yourself. 🙂

        • Not really sure how the production is planned out (in regards to the movie). Not much details have been given. All we can do is hope that it turns out okay! A trilogy does sound like a drag though. Don’t think it would work in the case of Koe no Katachi but that’s just my opinion. They might slice out some unneeded bits and shorten it maybe?

          Yeah I’ve heard mostly the same things about that arc in Hunter x Hunter. I really enjoyed it but I guess I couldn’t get past the slow pace of that particular part. Argh… I’ll re-watch it but probably in the next holidays haha. So far away… 😦 and I also dropped D.Gray-Man at 102/103 episodes. I seem to drop all the shounen anime.

          Team Chitoge! Never!! Haha each to his own I guess. I wonder how it’ll turn out 🙂

          Well good night (in this part of the world). Looking forward to your next post!

        • Hmm. That’s true. The waiting time between the movie releases (if it’s a trilogy) will crush the heart of most fans.

          Whuuut. You should just watch the last episode of D.Gray-Man and have a proper closure with the series. You endured too long to not deserve the ending, at least.

          Good night to you!

        • Haha well I was a really big fan of D.Gray-Man and I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the last episode! It felt like I was… I dunno… accepting the fact that it really ended. (Fingers still doubly doubly crossed for another season… Argh!!)

          Sorry for the really late reply >_<

        • Ahh, I see! So that’s what you meant! Hahaha You’ll eventually learn how to get over it!

          Also, late reply’s no biggie. 🙂 Btw, you have a twitter?

      • Varies from series to series, depending on if the studios play hardball with licensing out their properties. Sometimes we get shows at the same time as the US, but other times we have to wait much longer.

  2. I saw the survey, but haven’t had a time to do it yet. I already have an idea on some of the answers though.

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