Fall 2014: My favorite OP

My animu OP should be genki! Yay! Unlike my previous lists or favorite OP this list is strictly genki-only entries! Maybe it’s because I want positive energy this time?

1. Anime : Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso | Song : Hikaru nara | Artist : Goose house

Such color. Much grace. So genki! Sasuga Goose house, whom I’ve been loving since Gin no Saji 2 ED.

2. Anime : Wolf Girl and Black Prince | Song : LOVE GOOD TIME | Artist : SpecialThanks

The vocalist reminds me of miwa, although they don’t sound too similar. It must have something to do with how they tend to “roll” the words they sing. This song really suits my taste.

3. Anime : Shirobako | Song : COLORFUL BOX | Artist : Ishida Yoko

Wow, Ishida Yoko’s voice in this song doesn’t sound like hers in the two Ah! My Goddess! OPs. It’s  either her voice somewhat changed through the years, or it’s just that the energy and dynamics in the song required her to alter her voice a bit to match the instrumental. Either way, this song oozes with genki-ness, that will surely prepare me for the episode. And look at the contrasting anime and song titles! Isn’t that a clever way to name a song? But it actually makes sense since a paper will become colorful after putting details into it.

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