12 Days of Reminiscence #8 – Of comfy seats and wide screens

[Commie] Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki mtHD BD10bit CRF24.mkv_snapshot_00.00.55_[2013.04.20_12.19.43]

I can’t believe I went to the cinemas (in the malls, to be exact) four times just within a year. That’s quite a feat for me who doesn’t really go to watch movies in huge rooms, big screens and rows of seats, filled with strangers and very cool air.

What’s interesting is that I watched Japanese made movies, one of which is an anime movie and three live action feature films. Meanwhile, Big Hero 6 is the only English movie I watched this year in cinemas.

Last July, I wrote here in Anime Raifu regarding my first ever participation in Eiga Sai (Movie Festival). That was the first time I went to see movies on big screen this year. What made it all the more memorable was that I got to watch Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (again) and a great family drama live action movie, Like Father Like Son, with my university seniors. Guess what? The tickets were for free! I simply went to the mall with just my pocket fare and some money for some snack. I’m looking forward to next year’s Eiga Sai!

Even around that time, people here were excited for the Asian premiere of the much awaited sequels of the successful Rurouni Kenshin live action movie adaptation. It would have been awesome if I was able to fly to the capital and see the director and main cast (Sato Takeru, Takei Emi, Aoki Munetaka) in the flesh. But seeing them on several video clips and on local TV was already enough for me to fangirl.

Soon enough, I and my friend planned to watch the sequels and saved some of our allowances. Luckily, we were able to come by with the tight weekly budget and spend our savings on the movie tickets. The sequels were shown separately. Ruroken Kyoto Inferno opened in August while The Legend Ends opened on September. Just imagine how much tougher it was to save money after Kyoto Inferno.

My mother was given two free movie pass from her boss last November. They were valid until Dec 24th. I thought we were never gonna make use of them, due to family circumstances. But, well, because of the things that just happened on the 23rd, leading us to a situation that we could actually use the tickets, my mother suggested me to watch a movie with my best friend using those free movie pass. And so I did. Luckily, Big Hero 6 was still being shown! We both hadn’t watched the movie yet, so it was the perfect (and the only good) choice among the movies that would not have been suitable to our preference.

Even if it wasn’t anime, Big Hero 6 is a 3D animation movie–a worthwhile piece, even though the latter half started to get boring due to the serious content. It was a pretty movie regardless. The animated short, “Feast“, that was shown before BH6 was really good, too. It’s like hitting two birds (movies) with one stone (ticket). We couldn’t ask for more.

Also, I like Baymax (more than the rest of the characters) so let me just leave this here.


16 responses to “12 Days of Reminiscence #8 – Of comfy seats and wide screens

  1. Imo for BH6, I really wanted the other guys’ superpowers to be showcased a little more. Anyways, I hope they’ll have a sequel with Good Baymax VS Evil Baymax bc of how the movie ended ^^

    • Eeh, but their superpowers were not that great. I mean, the only interesting one, for me, was the chemist girl’s. It was very interesting to look at because it was unpredictable what every blob of chemicals would do.

      I don’t really wish for a sequel. And the evil Baymax vs good Baymax wouldn’t be a selling idea either because it was already resolved in this movie. I mean, it was Hiro’s idea to create an ‘evil’ program for Baymax, which was kinda fueled by his revenge mixed with his own sense of justice. And Hiro grew up in the movie, so I don’t see Baymax running in an ‘evil’ program.

      • Haha well that’s quite true

        Erm I thought the ending hinted at a sequel because Baymax gave Hiro his ‘good’ card, so the one in the other dimension is the Evil Baymax and the one in reality that Hiro will recreate, is Good Baymax! But this is just a theory lol

        • Yup good point 😀 I guess the producers have also stated that they currently dont have any plans for a sequel yet, so yep

        • Eh? You read that somewhere? Anyway, I think it’s better to leave BH as it is right now. It’s still hyped and it’s easy to see why if one has watched the movie itself. 🙂 I don’t think they’d come up with a grander idea to outdo this film. So, yeah, better leave it be than bother doing sequels, which are rare anyway.

        • Hmm i definitely enjoyed it, though to me, it didnt leave a lasting impression? As in I was like “Oh its over? Aww, okay time for the movie!” Lol but in any case, I thought it was really creative to use the food provided for the dog to signify changes in the family, and overall it was an adorable and entertaining clip 🙂

        • You’re heartless!!! 😛 How can a cute story not move youuuu??!! Okay, I’m just exaggerating my reaction, but I expected you to be, at least, moved by it. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like you were. 😦

        • Hahahaha i see, no wonder. Well, i enjoyed both, but maybe FEAST didnt suit me that well 🙂 and like you told me ystd i think? Everyone has diff preferences, but yep i can also see why FEAST appeals to you more

        • Ahahaha. This is really fun! I mean, seeing different people having different opinions, but still get along. I hope everybody else is just like us. Would no conflicts be boring in life?

        • Haha this reminds me of how in OreImo, even though the girls liked different shows and thus always quarelled, they soon understood the good areas of each show and became gd friends xD i actually find heated arguments pretty exciting but I’d rather not risk the possible ramifications of that haha

        • Heated arguments are sure fun to read! I’ve rarely participated in such things. xD Anyway, it’d be nice if they all end in peace and understanding from both sides.

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