Winter 2014: My favorite ED

Oh how I love overusing this screen cap

Oh how I love overusing this screen cap

The (not so) long-awaited list of my favorite Winter 2014 ED is here! Without ado, here they are in no particular order because it’s tiresome to rank them and I don’t really have the intention to do so.

1. Anime : Silver Spoon 2 | Song : Oto no Naru Hou e  | Artist : Goose house

More slice of life feels from Silver Spoon brought to us by Goose house! The ending was an instant boom of cheerful vocals and lively instruments that didn’t fail to brighten me up every time it played, even though the fact is that it reminded me the episode had ended.

2. Anime : Tonari no Seki-kun | Song : Set Them Free | Artist : Jimbo Akira

One setting was put to good use. All you have is Seki-kun, a master of killing time in unusual ways, playing with different things like he’s playing his own modified drumset, and Yokoi the spectator. But that’s only what it looks like! The real artist in this song is, interestingly, not the lady singing in the background, but the real drummer! Check out the PV with Jimbo Akira himself playing with the instruments. It’s awesome.

3. Anime : Nisekoi | Song : Hanagonomi | Artist : Asumi Kana

Nisekoi was easily a subject of my hate and love, but this ED is one its points that I genuinely love. Asumi Kana did a superb job in this character ED song, which is perfect for Tachibana Marika, the frail but energetic and lovable harem member, who holds feelings of pure lust love for the despicable harem lead. It’s so bubbly that I can’t stop listening to it, the only ED song that I really like in the series! The ED visuals also helped in keeping me hooked to this song.

4. Anime : Nagi no Asukara | Song : Mitsuba no Musubime | Artist : yanaginagi

Continuing from Fall 2013, NagiAsu didn’t lose from the contending Winter 2014 shows in music department. With yanaginagi coming back, it was certain that this ED would have its place in this list. It’s not as good as Aqua Terrarium (NagiAsu ED1), but still enchanting nonetheless.

2 responses to “Winter 2014: My favorite ED

  1. I don’t usually listen to the ED, but I remember liking Witch Craft Works. It was cute, but kind of morbid in the way the characters were getting tortured.

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