[ASS] #5 Tired of being too strong for too long

[Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED2] Let It Out by Fukuhara Miho

FMA: Brotherhood is not only strong in its story, characters, and the overall anime execution. Personally, FMA:B is one of the few franchises that have a solid lineup of OPs and EDs, and this one by Fukuhara Miho is one of my favorites. You can watch the PV here (although the subs and karaoke have some mistakes).

The song opens with simple gentle guitar, bass, and beats and the line “Let it all out. Let it all out. It’s okay not putting up a strong front.” in a soothing voice. From the verses to pre-chorus, everything builds up to a friendly reminder of looking at things on the brighter  side, even if there is darkness around. Fukuhara’s strong vocals in the chorus sound a bit forceful, but it’s somehow reassuring–like this song is softly pushing me from the back.

And I literally took those words in the lyrics seriously on New Year’s Eve that I ended up storming into my room alone as soon as it turned 2015, jumping into my bed, grabbing the nearest pillow, bursting in tears, and throwing tantrums like a spoiled child who has just lost her favorite doll, or whatever toy that is. The thing is, I have been spoiled by papa, so this was to be expected. I’ve held it in for too long, not wanting to make my ma more and unnecessarily emotional if she saw me crying, too. No, I don’t want any more scars. But thank God, I finally accepted and faced the wound inside. Tears had fallen, and a lighter sensation welled up in my chest.

This post is an entry to the Anime Song Syndrome series. 

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