[ASS] #6 – Life goes on

[Music Video] Perfect Day by supercell

Following the song type of the previous ASS post, I chose this song because I remembered how I used to listen to this non-stop when I discovered it. Probably my most favorite song from supercell, this is a track from their 2011 album Today Is A Beautiful Day, which is an overall good album. Plus, it was still yanaginagi (or ‘Gazelle’/’nagi’ as we used to know her) who sang for the group. Not that I hate koeda, but I actually prefer the songs they made with yanaginagi’s voice. Needless to say, it’s thanks to supercell that we have come to know a humble artist with a beautiful voice and who now produces solo music, including ones she composed by herself!

The song’s accompanying animation was directed by Nakamura Ryosuke (I appreciate his work in Aiura; I think he should do more breezy SOL series/shorts) and animated by Madhouse. Yes, Madhouse. Given the length of the music video, it’s assuredly a pretty decent animation! Moreover, Miwa Shirow (I love his art style) did a good job with the character designs, and I especially adore the blue haired girl.

Due to the vagueness of the story, which is understandable since this is a music video, there can be plenty of ways to interpret it. The way I saw it, it’s about two musician girls who have been childhood friends, but had a conflict that almost destroyed their friendship. Or maybe it did. But as we see later in the video, they see each other again, but with that poignant familiarity and an overall “what happened between us was kinda foolish, so let bygones be bygones” feel. To me, it appeared like they weren’t the same best friends like they used to be, but time flows and life goes on. They might not have been able to completely repair the friendship, but what matters is that they had each other and the time they spent together was not a lie.

This kind of situation happens in real life, and I’m not a stranger to how it felt having to part with someone who used to be so close to me. But conflicts or misunderstandings are not always necessarily the only reasons for two people to grow emotionally and physically distant from each other. That is what I’m sure of. 

This post is an entry to the Anime Song Syndrome series. 

4 responses to “[ASS] #6 – Life goes on

  1. I have not seen it before, but enjoyed both the video and the song very much! Thank you for mentioning it! 🙂

    Yes, it gives some 5cm/sec vibe.

    Indeed, people grow apart for many different reasons. The most stable friendship occurs in college or later. As for marriage, about 80% of people who had a bachelor’s degree or higher and married at 29-34 were still married after 15 years together, which is the highest percentage among the age categories with data available. http://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2013/article/marriage-and-divorce-patterns-by-gender-race-and-educational-attainment.htm

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this song very much, because it’s really close to my heart! 🙂

      And that’s some crazy statistics. Thanks for the info! That was enlightening.

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