Fall 2013: My favorite OP

This project continues, now that’s 2014 season OP and ED favorites had been recorded in this blog! Further going back in time, Fall 2013 lists are coming right up!


First, let’s revisit the awesome OPs from this season which are my personal favorites. This time, probably the first since forever, I tried ranking them. Do check these out and have fun listening!

1. Anime : Samurai Flamenco \ Song : JUST ONE LIFE  \ Artist : SPYAIR

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper video (this one’s pitch is higher) for the first OP sequence of this anime. But you can still listen to the full version of the song, and may even watch the music video with SPYAIR, by clicking the link in the heading above.

The animation of the OP says a lot about the show: it’s a tokusatsu anime, and a bizarrely fun one at that. Living up to their reputation, SPYAIR did an amazing job in getting the viewers pumped up for what was about to happen within the 23-minute run of each episode. And the song title is just about right.

2. Anime : Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova \ Song : SAVIOR OF SONG \ Artist : nano feat. MY FIRST STORY

A weaker release than nano’s No pain, No game, SAVIOR OF SONG is nonetheless a good rock song to listen to. The link above is not exactly the OP animation of the anime, but it still captures how the anime is like, in general–being CG animated and directed by Kishi Seiji and all. I don’t recommend the anime to everyone (though I admit I enjoyed it a bit), but you may give this song a try! Also, tsukiyo123 did a fabulous review of the entire single.

3. Anime : Non Non Biyori | Song : Nanairo Biyori | Artist : nano.RIPE

I love nano.RIPE, and this song is my top favorite from this band whose songs are worth-keeping in my music library. It’s a happy and fluffy song, thanks to the humming (?) at the intro and, of course, the lovable vocals by Kimiko (which I initially thought as weird but I’ve rather grown fond of it now).

P.S. A sequel for this anime was green-lit, so if you like SOL anime I suggest you watch the first season!

Bonus Ren-chon pic, because she's kawaii.

Bonus Ren-chon pic, because she’s kawaii.

4. Anime : Yowamushi Pedal \ Song : Reclimb \ Artist : ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D

This song perfectly paints how enjoyable of a ride YowaPeda was! Surely, it’s another solid A-side track and personally my general average standard for any of the songs from one of my all-time favorite J-rock bands. I frequently listen to this song even now. (MV here)

5. Anime : Coppelion \ Song : ANGEL \ Artist : Angela

I don’t know why, but I really, really dig Angela’s music. ANGEL is not actually that impressive, but it always played in my head when the anime was airing. I couldn’t make it stop playing randomly. In. My. Head. But the anime was disappointing, however amazingly the premise could have been utilized for. Tsk tsk tsk.

6. Anime : Gingitsune \ Song : Tiny lamp \ Artist : fhána

Shrine maiden? Check. Gods? Check. Slice of life? Check. Gingitsune can be your one-stop feel-good anime, but it’s pretty forgettable. But not totally forgettable exactly because of its catchy OP that oozes with positive vibes and beautiful melody and instrumental play! This is my introductory song to fhana, another Jpop band worth keeping in my music treasure box, so the song really means a lot to me.

That’s all! I hope you had a great anime music time!

8 responses to “Fall 2013: My favorite OP

  1. I lost interest in Samurai Flamenco when it stopped being about a handsome guy trying to be a superhero in real life and finding it hard to do and it became about a handsome superhero in real life and having to battle monsters. It was around the time that Spyair were replaced by some other band for the OP if I remember correctly. So both the show and OP went downhill…

    That Coppelion OP was pretty fierce. My own personal favourite was Galilei Donna! Great animation and a great song by Negoto.

    • I was disappointed when it took a sudden turn in direction, but I realized it wasn’t really a “turn”. The story’d been pretty much building up the setting that would lead to that apparent twist. So I have to say that I ended up enjoying those crazy episodes. XD Oh, and I can’t remember which the second OP was.

      I can’t remember Galilei Donna OP. Hehe. I dropped the show.

        • Since I’ve already forgotten everything Galileo Donna, I had to watch the OP on YouTube. And, yes, I’ve truly forgotten about the OP, too. It wasn’t too nostalgic for me, though I must say that it was quite good. I’d probably listen to it more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Renge’s return is imminent. Is the world ready for her return…though I am more excited for “The Champ”‘s return myself. You can guess who “The Champ” is. Anyway NNB2 hype is ON!

    Still have to watch Samurai Flamenco since I love me some weirdness…also the female trio.

    • Nyanpasu!!!!!

      Oh yeah, speaking of Samumen female trio, there’s some yuri in there, you might have already seen it, though. Anyway, enjoy watching the rest of it!

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