Fall 2013: My favorite ED

Another music probing into this particular season, this is going to get a little bit nostalgic! Just a little, because Fall 2013 wasn’t so long ago.

knk-ed-01 knk-ed-02

Einiwei~ I also tried ranking my favorite EDs and I must say I’ve chosen quite a lot of songs from this season. This may be due to the fact that, wow, I watched 21 TV series. That was the highest number of simultaneously airing shows that I watched in a season; plus, I’m sure I watched several others that were already finished. I’m quite impressed myself.

1. Anime : Kyoukai no Kanata \ Song : Daisy \ Artist : STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

This song is beautiful. The guy was a former member of OLDCODEX, and I’m glad that he left the group. Otherwise, we won’t be having this music gem right here. His voice is just a perfect match for the pretty instrumentals. Thanks to KyoAni for the aesthetically pleasing animation sequence, which also showed the studio’s professionalism when it comes to animating hair and fabric that seem to just flow with the zephyr. Alas. Don’t be fooled, the anime is the least I can recommend you to watch. (But if it weren’t for this anime, I wouldn’t have heard this musical masterpiece, so I still thank it for that.)

Bonus content. Thought I'd share my GIFs.

Bonus content. Thought I’d share my GIFs.

2. Anime : Nagi no Asukara \ Song : Aqua Terrarium \ Artist : yanaginagi

I am gay for yanaginagi’s voice. It’s just so amiably breezy~ HNNNNGGG. The anime is one of my 2014 favorites to boot! Ahh, everything with NagiAsu pays off.

3. Anime : Miss Monochrome \ Song : Poker Face \ Artist : Horie Yui

Didn’t hear of this anime? Nope? Well, now you know there’s such an anime, which is basically an advertisement for Yui Horie, as Miss Monochrome is just her anime-like persona (it appears that she did the character designs herself).

Anyway, this upbeat song has a happy tune that will surely make you smile! Why? It also has a very cute dance sequence! If you’re familiar with MMD, you may even think the 3D animation for the dance in this ED is impressive. Check out Miku‘s version below, which can be mistaken for the original, especially if one hasn’t watched the anime (or this ED) yet!

4. Anime : Log Horizon \ Song : Your Song \ Artist : Yun*Chi

Zuttoooooooooooooo~ Zuttoooooooooooooooo~ Hold up, while the ED animation may appear so innocent and fluffy and cute, the actual MV is quite bold.

Also, did anyone notice I freaking put ‘Zutto’ as the song title up there? That’s how powerful ‘Zuttooooo~’ is!

5. Anime : Samurai Flamenco \ Song : Date TIME \ Artist : Mineral Miracle Muse


Very cute and has enough variation throughout its duration! The vocals were mixed well and, in this case, it was really good to listen to.

6. Anime : Coppelion \ Song : Tooku Made \ Artist : angela

Slower and less upbeat than the OP, Tooku made is accompanied with a cinematheque-like animation which, in one way or another,  portrays the melancholy in the world where the Coppelion unit strives to survive just like humans. I like this more than the OP for it seems to carry more emotional value. This was a step down in energy from the songs above, eh?

7. Anime : Kill la Kill \ Song : Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai. \ Artist : Sawai Miku

Since I can’t find a better video to use, please bear with the consequences of spoilers from clicking the link above. Otherwise, you’ll have to watch the anime itself to have a good idea why this ED song is included in this list. Oh, I doubt you haven’t watched it because everyone seems to have.

That’s it. 🙂 Hope you had a great time listening to these songs. Did I miss anything?

27 responses to “Fall 2013: My favorite ED

  1. I have heard some the have been in OPs or EDs like “Yukitoki” and the Black Bullet (ED?) theme, as well as Zoetrope and Halo Effect. I really enjoy her voice. If you have more recommendations let me know. 🙂

  2. Kyoukai no Kanata was a favourite anime of mine and the ED was beautiful. Samurai Flamenco… I liked it until it took the whole super sentai thing seriously and then I lost interest. I was almost tempted to buy any and all music and posters of Mineral Miracle Muse. The ED for Log Horizon stuck in my mind even if I didn’t particularly like the anime as a whole.

    • That Log Horizon ED was supposed to be catchy! XD With that long “zuttooooo~ zuttooooooo”, who wouldn’t have it stuck in his mind at least once?

  3. I loved the ED for Kyoukai no Kanata mainly because it went with the music and looked beautiful. It was lovely.

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