[ASS] #9 – Eye-Water



Things are going to get hectic in my offline life, so I have limited time to work on things in this tiny blog of mine that hardly anyone ever reads. But as long as I am alive, I will try to keep this blog kicking by posting weekly ASS features (anime music highlights for you folks) every Friday (GMT +8) so that no one automatically decides that Anime Vios is no more. Though I can’t promise anything I may post anime and manga-related stuff every Sunday, in case you have gotten tired of seeing my Japanese music posts. But I hope you haven’t. Let’s all have a good time listening to them.

With my blog inevitably slowing down from now, I also have less time to visit friends’ blogs and comment on them. I may also reply late on comments on this humble blog. I highly value your feedback, so I always reply on your comments and make sure you, my dear readers, are not ignored. But please do bear with me and keep in mind that I may not respond on time. You might see this blog publishing new posts without replying to you. If that is the case, that is because the posts are mostly scheduled.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s my ASS for the week.

[Attack on Titan OST] Eye-Water by Sawano Hiroyuki

EDIT: The video was removed. 😦 

A really beautiful fan piano cover by 3cats & Music:

It has almost been two years since Attack on Titan finally materialized in anime format, which was the huge craze around the world. No doubt about that. Even in my university, where anime watchers are usually not noisy about the anime they are watching, made a big fuss over the series–posting statuses and, well, spoilers on Facebook and Twitter, much to the dismay of whoever got behind the game. Some people who hated or weren’t even into anime in the first place were influenced by their ecstatic anime-fanatic friends to watch Shingeki no Kyojin. They must have eaten their own words, after being utterly amazed by this hyped series. Attack on Titan undoubtedly connected many people around the world, offline and online. It wasn’t all positive reception, though. SnK has its own share of haters who still enjoy hating the series today, just like how fans are still always rejoicing whenever a new SnK project is announced and released. What a peaceful coexistence. What a healthy balance.

Armin* baby ;_;

Sharing this particular background music sure brings back a lot of memories. I’m not even sure–no, I can’t remember in the slightest–where they played this song, but the guitar version was played in episode 2.

I loved SnK so much when it aired, that I even rewatched every newly released weekly episode with my roommates. And they, too, were amazed. We always talked about it, wondering which direction the story will go to, protesting at every cliffhanger episode ending, and screaming–in both delight and horror–at every twist and turn. It surely was a hell lot of a ride. Of feels and audio-visual extravagance. It wasn’t the series itself that made it very enjoyable to watch. It was the watching experience that will always make me reminisce on the series’ prime days of popularity when everyone had almost the same sentiments. I don’t know if this goes the same anywhere else but I certainly felt a sense of belonging that whatever someone said about the series, no matter how random it was, was a significant remark.

Woah, I didn’t think I could write this much in this post. I didn’t plan to write so much about SnK, but nostalgia does do wonders at times. No, I’m not complaining at all!

Before you leave, have a Connie*!


U-urusee! Baka!

* Contrary to popular beliefConnie Springer and Armin Arlert are my favorite characters from the series. Yep, in that ranking.


22 responses to “[ASS] #9 – Eye-Water

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  2. Ah! Your post reminds me of how much fun it was to be an anime fan in college. I know how it is not to have enough time to read other people’s posts. (In my case, I try to follow way too many blogs, and then work gets in the way.) I never finished SnK (too meladramatic and tragically serious for my tastes), but that was a nice piano piece from the series.

    • I follow many blogs, too! >.< It's kinda hard to keep up with their posts these days. That's why I can only check out the blogs of people I'm more familiar with. That said, I've rarely read others' blog posts in two weeks now. orz

      I'm actually very gay for Sawano Hiroyuki's anime music, so I'm very happy to share this song and find that you've liked it as well! 🙂

      SnK is as shounen as it gets, though now it tries to be deep, making the story more confusing for me. What's the sense in mysteries unraveling if the manner of revelation isn't even engaging? –Sorry, that's just my little rant on the manga. XD

  3. Don’t worry too much about it. Your “offline life” as you called it will, of course, be your priority. And we won’t definitely blame you if you’re late for your posts or replies to our comments. Best of luck!

    “Eye Water” is so relaxing! It’s the type of music I listen during my downtime. Very lovely.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you liked Eye-Water! It’s my favorite track from the SnK OST. It’s relaxing and melancholy at the same time.

      • No problem! I’m in the same boat as you are. I can’t possibly spend my whole time blogging.

        Indeed. It’s good music. Thanks for sharing it.

        • You’re welcome! And heya, Arria-chan! I am actually starting my first major project at my side/personal blog, and it would be on OPM! 🙂 Please do check out my blog every time I publish a post on it. Consider it my way of recommending OPM songs, because I’m pretty picky with my favorite songs.

        • Oh, that would be helpful. I’ll try to visit your other blog whenever I can. Thanks for letting me know. Cheers!

        • Hehehe. Thank you. About that, I actually created another blog for the meantime, and I’ll see how long it would stay and be received. Hehehe. It’s still set in private and I plan to ‘launch’ it on March, just because it’s mid-February now.

        • Oh wow. I hope you’re not doing too much. That’s a lot of blogs. Let me know, though, when you do launch that other blog.

        • Yeah. It’s mostly for [English] language practice and appreciation on my part, though it’d be great if there are people who might actually need my content. :3

          I was thinking, maybe you’d be interested in translating OPM songs, too?

        • I see. That’s good. Indeed, blogging is a good way to improve writing skills. Like for me, I don’t have any problem writing regularly but I observe that the time it takes to create a post is getting remarkably shorter as time goes on, which is a good thing.

          Have fun. Hmmmm. I’ll see how you do it first, then I’ll think about it. I’m pretty confident about my Tagalog, but I find that most Filipino songs use these “deep” words that are kind of hard to understand and translate. I’m good with shallow stuff, though. Hahaha.

        • Good to hear that. As for me, being an indecisive person, I still have trouble choosing what topic to write about. But yeah, the actual time for writing a post itself is gradually getting shorter, but it depends on the length of the article.

          Also, I’ve been thinking a lot in English, which I think is a good thing. I don’t speak English at home because I wasn’t brought up speaking English, nor did my school require me to constantly speak in that language. So, yeah, since I started blogging, my English is certainly improving! And I think it’s a great leap from before. 🙂

          I totally agree! Most OPM songs, majority of which are love songs (uhmmm, give me a non-love OPM song, I’ll give you a cookie!), sound rather theatrical because of the 2deep4me choice of words. You know what, I even have to use an online translator just to get the essence of some Tagalog words I don’t normally use. It takes a lot of me just to speak Luzon Tagalog with an ‘authentic’ accent, which sounds too poetic to my ears. (oops, I don’t even speak Luzon Tagalog. We speak Davao Tagalog here, which is totally different from Luzon Tagalog. Take a look at this: http://rmbulseco.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-davao-tagalog-is-funny-and-equally.html )

        • That’s great, Miha-chan. At least you can definitely see the improvement and that’s a great feeling.

          See? Even you’re having trouble with those deep Filipino words. Even when I studied in the Philippines, my classmates and I have trouble with Filipino, especially if it’s a vocabulary test. I’m not particularly fond of being tested with these deep words that I won’t normally use in everyday language.

          Just read the blog post that you shared. I don’t really understand it very much, but it’s very funny. I’m from Luzon, specifically Pangasinan. I grew up hearing Tagalog, English, Ilocano & Pangalatok rather equally so sometimes, my Filipino accent is all over the place but I try to sound as “standard” as I can (whatever THAT sounds like). Hahaha!

          Oh. It’s great to talk about Philippines with someone here. Thanks!

        • I actually like the ‘sound’ of these deep Filipino words, because I always hear them in popular songs. XD I used to be the top student in Filipino class during my elementary years, but those days have left me, especially now I’m in college and our university doesn’t offer Filipino class. O_O

          Wow, it’s my first time I heard Pangalatok. I’d love to hear you talk in any Filipino way! XD

        • Me, too. Well, sometimes. Listening to those deep Filipino words is like listening to Shakespeare. Good for you!

          Hmmm. I think I have a “normal” Tagalog accent most of the time. It’s just sometimes that the “hard & stiff” Ilocano and the “soft & wet” Pangalatok creep into my accent. Hahaha.

          Eeeew. I just realized I maybe wrote some disgusting descriptions. But I hope you understand what I mean.

        • That description sounded dirty, arria-chan. Hmmmm XD But, yes, I kinda get it. If you’re familiar with the Cebuano Bisaya, you might hear its hardness and stiffness. It sounds relatively harsher than Tagalog.

        • Yes, I’m familiar with Cebuano Bisaya. I have a friend who speaks it. Yes, it sounds harsher than Tagalog but I think it’s cute. Although I don’t understand it.

  4. It is understandable when life gets in the way of posting updates. I usually can only post new content on the weekend since I work, have kids, and other life commitments. Life has a way of getting in the way. I’ll keep looking for your updates. 🙂

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