[ASS] #10 – Guten Morgen!

WordPress notified me that I’ve already reached the 100-post milestone! Yay! Thank you to the people I met here that I have remained long enough to reach that number. Here’s to hoping for (and writing) more~

[Hunter x Hunter 1999 OP] Ohayou by Keno

Last Friday, Feb 6th, was a wonderful day (or night?). I spent the night with two of my BFFs, and we just had a great time being together. When we were just sitting on a bench under a tree, the wind blowing and the crowd dissolving into the background, Keno’s Ohayou started playing on my friend’s phone. I didn’t expect girl BFF to comment that the song just reminded her of childhood. I mean, she’s not into anime, though she watched some anime before. Welp, anime was a part of every child’s morning back then.

When I was singing this on my own and the two of them just talked (semi-ignoring me because I was in my own anisong world haha), I told them that this song is a friendship song. They didn’t disagree nor make any violent reaction to my remark, so I guess I was right? I only had my own interpretation of the lyrics from my very basic understanding of Japanese to defend my statement–at least, in my mind. What do you think?

Aside from the full version music video (woooh old school), there’s also a fan-made 2011 version MAD or AMV, which you might as well watch because, why not?

12 responses to “[ASS] #10 – Guten Morgen!

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  2. Congrats on reaching your 100 posts milestone! Here’s to another 100!

    Ohayou reminds me of my childhood, too. Makes me nostalgic whenever I hear it playing.

      • You’re welcome!
        Same here. It just makes your childhood more fantastic that it usually was, I think. That’s the power of anime songs from our childhood. 😉

  3. Whenever you post about HxH, I always feel like I need to get on it and start watching/reading it. It looks like a lot of fun.

    Congrats on 100 posts!

    • HxH is, by itself, a fun series overall. You should really watch it if you want a shounen series that is worth remembering for posterity. 😉 Oh, I strongly recommend you to watch the 1999 version first!

      Thank you!

  4. This is what I complained about the 2011 HxH … I wish they’d stick to old Opening Song (Ohayo) …I liked that better and Ive missed it as well… Though the new soundtrack is cool ..maybe I just miss my childhood opening songs xD

    • Considering that remakes are redos, I doubted it would even make use of its OP or ED songs. Remakes can’t even retain 100% of the character designs (whether that’s a good thing or not is still a debate among fans; but remakes are usually good in their own way, if not absolutely better than the original).

      But, yeah, I really missed this song when I was watching the 2011 version. Childhood is most likely the reason, as you said. Nonetheless, 2011 had some good songs like Hyouri Ittai and FALILV’s Just Awake. 🙂

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