Le Gouffre: Everything is not always what it seems

The post title aptly describes the lasting impression the animated short film, Le Gouffre (The Gulf), had on me. It’s been spreading like wildfire since its release this month. Now it’s your turn to witness a work that wasn’t only visually pleasing and musically engaging, but emotionally affecting as well.

Clear your thoughts. Open your mind. Set the volume on high. Enter in full screen. Dive in.

I’ll just let you absorb everything you just experienced–saw, heard, thought, felt–and leave with some basic information.

Basic Info: What we’ve just seen is the (8-minute) short animation film Le Gouffre, as a composite product of a successful Kickstarter campaign way back in 2013 and of the original concept and passion for telling compelling stories by the three boys (Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, and David Forest) at a Canadian-based (Montreal) studio, Lightning Boy Studio. They met in 2009 at an animation school and shared the same dream of creating great works that they can show to the world. It’s impressive that with the small team they are, an exemplary film was produced and able to garner awards from various film festivals to which the team submitted it to.

Check out the link below to read more about the film and to watch the BTS film:

Link: Le Gouffre Official Website

How was it? Did it affect you in any way?

3 responses to “Le Gouffre: Everything is not always what it seems

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  2. It’s tragic that one of the men died after all of the hard work that he did, but at the same time it was uplifting to see the all of the villagers come out from behind the fence to help the two men on their journey. Had the blonde man not sent out the flare as he fell, I don’t think it would have left me conflicted. But because he did and the fact that the villagers were all happy as a result of their good deed just leaves me with bittersweet feelings.

    Hardly any words, but definitely moving. I don’t really know how to describe my feelings or if what I wrote makes sense, but there you go.

    • Exactly. The buildup in the first 8 minutes seemed like the story was heading to something ‘good’, something that’d inspire people to undergo such great lengths to overcome great obstacles. But then, it had to end like that. Well, the ‘team’ essentially reached the other side of the gulf, but in the end sacrifices have to be made sometimes. In this case, that sacrifice wasn’t ‘starting over’, which to me is less harsh than how it ended. 😥

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