Alodia Gosiengfiao and a small glimpse of her house

On February 15th (Sunday), a local TV show, Rated K, featured the houses owned by some of the prominent Filipino-Chinese figures in the Philippines. One of them, and the first on the segment, was Alodia Gosiengfiao. Sounds familiar? How about “Seems familiar?” Still doesn’t? Well, that does not matter. I don’t intend to promote her, but I seem to (because I wrote this post anyway). One of you might even become more interested in her than I am, so this might be useful to you. That’s what I think and why I decided to translate some parts of this segment for you. [Well, the video was taken down. Sorry for that.] Uploaded by: Triforce Link Warriors As you can see, I skipped the introduction part. At the time of writing, Chinese New Year’s–on the 19th–is approaching (at the time of publishing this post, it’s already way past that date). Thus, it makes sense that the show would highlight one aspect of life of some Filipino Chinese people. You can choose to watch the entire segment, but I only translated Alodia’s part. Words spoken by Alodia are in italics and indigo font color:

  • 0:59 – Alodia Gosiengfiao is one of the celebrated persons in the world of costume play, or cosplay.
  • 1:05 – Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese blood is running in her veins.
  • 1:11 – Because of her slanted eyes, she can easily imitate the facial expressions of anime characters.
  • 1:15 – Anime characters are often of Asian origin, so their physical characteristics–their eyes, their looks–give off the very archetypical Asian vibe. My being Chinese is responsible for my [slanted] eyes. I can relate to the characters because of these features.
  • 1:31 – She’s not only a cosplay queen, but also the lead singer of an idol group in Japan. Wow! 2015 is a very lucky year for Alodia.
  • 1:44 – She’s preparing for her upcoming Japanese movie where she’s the leading actress.
  • 1:53 – She invited [the crew] to her mansion-like home in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City.
  • 2:02 – Helloow~ I am Alodia Gosiengfiao and I welcome you to our house. This is the living room, and this is where we [the family] and friends have fun.
  • 2:12 – And that is our dining table, where we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner–and have some nice chat~ 😀
  • 2:23 – (spots the fruits on the table) Food. Have some fruits! 😀 (literally, ‘Buy [our] fruits’–she attempted a joke here, guys and girls)
  • 2:29 – Even their pet cats have their own [pet] ‘house’
  • 2:36 – This is Taco. That is Sushi. That–probably wasn’t named but he looks like a lion, so we can call him Lion. This is their cat house.
  • 2:56 – Her anime-like costumes and clothes are found in the second story of the house.
  • 3:04 – Uhh, this is kinda sexy. 😀
  • 3:07 – –her shoes [are in this story] as well
  • 3:08 – This even looks suitable for cosplay!
  • 3:11 – And this is my room, where I relax and play video games!
  • 3:25 – These are dolls all over from Korea and Japan
  • 3:32 – Her dolls were from the countries where she had already been to. She has lots of them–from ball-jointed dolls to pullip dolls, whose eyes are huge! Of course, her favorite is the doll named after her.
  • 3:50 – I worked with companies from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Once [the doll] was officially named ‘Alodia’.
  • 4:08 – We’re now here at the upper roof deck. My dad~ 😀 And this is where we celebrate the New Year’s because we can see the fireworks! Yeah.

That’s it. The last scene for this part cuts to the next Filipino-Chinese actress in this feature. Credit back to me if you ever use this translation–for editing or for verbatim re-posting. Thank you.


  • Yow, I haven’t done this in a while. You know, ‘lessons’ accompanied with videos plus some sort of translation work. Hehe
  • If you’re from PH, I’m sure you noticed that my translation wasn’t too literal. I took the liberty to translate the sentences into words that sound better for me.
  • I usually link the official social links of any prominent person I feature here, but for Alodia I’ve chosen not to. Google can do it for you.
  • Obviously, my attitude towards her is more of indifference than admiration. Again, that doesn’t make me a hater nor a fan. Despite what I said, I might write about her in the future, if I happen to catch something local (and I do so feel the need to share it here).
  • Bonus question! Did you notice an appearance of anime-related stuff (this is such a dumb question for me to ask, but)? Can you name these anime?

13 responses to “Alodia Gosiengfiao and a small glimpse of her house

  1. Wow. Impressive. And she’s going to star in a Japanese movie. Good for her.

    And oh, I see one of Culture Japan’s Danny Choo’s Mirai Smart Dolls on her collection. I always see one of this on my Twitter timeline.

    • She might really be popular than I thought. Saw her featured in some Japanese business blog, and was even interviewed in a Nico Nico Live Broadcast where she was asked to sing Attack on Titan 1st OP! And she did so, obligingly! (Gosh, can’t believe how much I’ve looked her up)

      • Oh wow. That’s impressive. I haven’t encountered her yet anywhere in my reader, except for this post of yours. And I’m too lazy to search her up just now. Hahaha! Anyway, her career seems to be taking off really great in Japan.

  2. I saw Hatsune Miku, a final fantasy cosplay outfit, and a Harley Queen, Wonder Woman doll….that’s the best I can do.

    Her house is lovely though and I’d love something like that if I didn’t have to clean it. Whenever I see cosplayers I always feel like it would be fun to cosplay too. I don’t have the confidence to do something like that though or even wear it out in public.

        • More like because our body stature and shape is similar (yes I’m skinny as hell IRL too D:).

        • Read your answers on Liebster. What’s the secret to being skinny? Or were you skinny since time immemorial? I wish I was skinny.

      • Been skinny ever since I remember. There doesn’t seem to be any change no matter how much I eat (wheeeheeeeee, beeee jeeellyyy :D), think it’s in the blood or something. Though I DO gain/lose weight, if not slightly.

    • Uhh, I missed Harley Queen and Wonder Woman. O_O My eyes aren’t observant enough. Hehe.

      Alodia’s originally born from an already wealthy family, so it’s natural their house would be that gorgeous. This might sound mean, but I think she underwent facial surgery. I saw her alleged first cosplay photos (not from her official social pages, of course), and she looks a little bit different. Her eyes were smaller, her skin was more of a brown, and she was not as thin as she is now. I’ve read she denied that, but eh, surgery is commonplace even among local celebrities (including that girl in the next feature of that segment). I guess it was her choice. Can’t do anything about that.

      Yes, I feel the same, about thoughts on cosplay and the lack of self confidence to do it right. XD

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