[ASS] #12 – Heeeey hello

Dandylion13’s recent post on Hosoda Mamoru has just got me into listening to Takagi Masakatsu’s music for Wolf Children. I was also reminded of the excellent OST review over at Anime Instrumentality Blog.

[Wolf Children OST] Nene by Takagi Masakatsu

Uploaded by okmkdmnamtyk

This particular track is my personal favorite from the OST, but the rest of the album is more than just decent, as well. In all honesty, they were used with great timing and appropriateness in the film.

Nene probably resonated with me more than the other tracks did, because I always remember the fun in the wolf children’s childhood. The montage mirrors the high spirited youth of the children. It was something I could somehow relate to. Or maybe yearn for.

4 responses to “[ASS] #12 – Heeeey hello

  1. Wolf Children was a beautiful movie. Funny how often I see that anime characters can portray intense or subtle emotions much better than real-live Hollywood actors. Add this to my list of “Why I like Anime”.

    • Agreed. Wolf Children is actually my all-time favorite anime movie. I’ve rewatched it 4 times, I think?

      That’s also thanks to voice actors, who are nothing short of actors. I read a list of requirements for those who aspire to become one. One of them was the aspirant must love acting.

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