[ASS] #14 – So believe in yourself



[Baby Steps OP] Believe in yourself by Abe Mao


Long time no see. Since March is Women’s Month, I want to feature some uplifting songs of some female artists in this project.

This time, I want to keep my message simple. I understand that even if we do our best at times, life just won’t have it our way. Sure, we can increase the chances of ‘success’ by doing our part, but factors that we cannot control have their own influences in the consequences of our actions and choices. And it’s not like all our achievements are solely from hard work alone. We cannot oversimplify things like that. Even so, it is important that we, at least, believe in ourselves. There are times that when people cheer us on, if we do not place even a tiny bit of trust in ourselves, then we would have trouble stepping forward. If you’re having a rough time now, let me tell you that this, too, shall pass. Life isn’t a “down” forever.

Have a good day, weeks, months, years! Cheers!

4 responses to “[ASS] #14 – So believe in yourself

  1. Oh baby steps. You truly have a powerful effect on us. I do recommend you to see the anime or the manga if you haven’t. It’s just brilliant. Great post!

  2. I love it! What a great uplifting song! Thank you very much for mentioning it! It made my day a little brighter! 😀

    Indeed, this too shall pass! Even when things are really bad, it will improve eventually!

    Believe in me who believes in you! 😛

    Life can be very busy at times, but I hope you are managing and do have such uplifting and joyful moments! 🙂

    • Yay! I’m glad it brightened up your day. 😉 I see a TTGL reference! Yes, working on thesis has been very stressful, but I do manage to find some time to relax, and there’s that sense of fulfillment when I do complete a task. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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