Hello, Spring 2015 part 1

plastic memories kanie seiya

Kanie Seiy—oh, wait, wrong show

So far, so good… ? Raw, unrefined reactions after the cut. 

Oregairu. Zoku

oregairu zoku 01 (2)

First episode was okay. Not great but serviceable, though it felt like it skipped some parts that would have made the episode pretty solid, at least for someone who hasn’t read the light novels. I absolutely loved that intro live band scene, though. It’s rare for an anime to do justice to my beloved drums-chan.

Studio feel. learns to draw smears

Studio feel. learns to draw smears

There’s this nice visual upgrade in terms of the character designs and smoothness in animation. Small details, like the far placement of Yukino from Hachiman trying to choose which panda plush doll to get and the slow camera movement when Yukino and Hachiman went back to the hotel showing their awkward distance, were pretty great, too. The lighting may be a little too bright, which somehow tones down the supposed not-so-greyish atmosphere in Hachiman’s life. But that’s not a major problem. Also, this first episode felt more like a recap, though of course it isn’t, rather than a first episode. Think the second one will truly lure me in.

Owari no Seraph

Because dying friends make you thousand times stronger

Because a dying friend makes you a thousand times stronger!!!

Quoting someone from MAL:

Meh… I didn’t feel totally enthralled or overly impressed with this episode, but I’ll continue watching I guess.

P.S. Studio Pablo’s backgrounds are still amazing as always, and somehow work fine with the CGI animation. They really helped paint the setting as some dark and scary place, though the characters can’t portray that much horror. Or, are we not supposed to feel even a bit terrified? Of course, we’re not!

Plastic Memories

Pretty background~

Pretty background~

I have nothing much to say, except that I was engrossed throughout the episode. Overall, it felt really nice and I find the drama and execution just my kind of thing. Thanks, Doga Kobo. I already like Isla-chan. (Infinitely better than your Hestia)

P.S. This dude reminded me of Johan Liebert, though. Scary.

Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars

I should have known that much.

I read first 7 chapters of manga, so I was at the least prepared to see some ecchi porn-food. Overall, the episode was great in visuals and music direction. It had a very pretty storyboard, and the color palette is superb as well, showing how dedicated the anime staff is in translating the superior manga art into anime.

I’m still after the food porn aspect of it, but this cut raises an eyebrow:

Souma's not feeling the HEAT of his fresh-from-the-oven dish

Souma’s not feeling the HEAT of his fresh-from-the-oven dish

My main problem with the voice acting is, of course not the moaning of Souma’s victims, Taneda Risa’s attempt to do a ‘Queen’ role. Clearly, her voice as it is doesn’t do justice to the character. The result is rather jarring; you can clearly hear her voice cracking between the lines. I just wish she does her role better.

Dropped Anime

Danmachi – I don’t have any sound reasoning to backup my dropping of this show. Or, are you implying that I just didn’t want to ride on the hype? Hmm, that may also be an acceptable excuse. Thanks for pointing it out for me.

Denpa Kyoushi – Ugly looking show. Horrible audio. Enough said.

Kyoukai no Rinne – Pretty average. Seems like its elements had already been done before, and it may have nothing new to offer… except for the gags? But those were not awfully funny either.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – I was pretty excited for this, you know? But.. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like watching it at the moment.

And that’s it for now! Look out for the next part~


17 responses to “Hello, Spring 2015 part 1

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  2. The backgrounds in Owari are indeed very pretty. The ost is also great but after 3 eps I got bored and dropped it.

    Oregairu is top notch though I’m not fond of the artistic changes. They look so different and way more mature than they supposedly are.

    • I’m also worried I may not enjoy Seraph. It’s just… I don’t know. Nothing (except for the backgrounds and some of the OST) interests me. The characters are kinda meh. The first episode kind of left a bad taste, since I didn’t really like how overly dramatic the two MCs’ relationship was portrayed. In short, it felt forced.

      I still haven’t watched more of Oregairu, but I hear it’s getting a lil bit ‘serious’ now? The art may complement that development really well.

  3. I watched and enjoyed Food Wars and Plastic Memories. The baby scene in the second episode of Food Wars made me laugh pretty hard. I have to re-watch the first episode of Oregairu Zoku. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to watch it and zoned out during that episode.

  4. Have not watched Owari no Seraph, Plastic Memory, and Shokugeki no Souma, plus the other 4 anime dropped except for DanMachi.

    Needs a push to start watching Plastic Memory.

    DanMachi is kinda cute though 😛

      • I’m watching Oregairu Zoku, DanMachi, Mikagura and BBB. Plan to pick up Plastic Memory, I’ve heard good things.

        Others I’m thinking of getting into are Arslan Senki and the 2 music shows.

        Probably will not start: Pleiades. (I just don’t know how good it is.)

        Still have Baby Steps season 1 to complete, will somehow get around to that I guess. Haha. Following anime seasonally sure takes quite some time.

        I’m actually quite content with the four I’m following this season. So I will probably only pick up other shows if they are well-recommended by anitwitter/bloggers, including you! (Plus I’m rewatching HxH 2011, time will be an issue…)

        • Didn’t bother picking up Pleiades. It doesn’t look good or appealing, judging by the poster. And no, I don’t have plans to even reconsider it.

          So you’ve begun watching Baby Steps 1? I really, really enjoyed that show, but haven’t formally watched the first ep of second season.

          Yeah, keeping up with currently airing anime is exhausting. That’s why I don’t actively try to keep up with them at all.

          Yeah, it’s alright to watch a few. XD Also, I’m becoming immune to dropping shows. It isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

    • Yahari, 2nd episode would be great! And nope, haven’t watched that one yet. I still have to see the first episode of other anime I put in my PTW list.

      • As a fan of the first season of Yahari I was a little uncertain about going into the second season especially with the change in director but I would say that so far it has improved in terms of visuals which have more life to them thanks to the camera movement and different character designs. I don’t find myself laughing as much, though. And yes, the second episode improves on the first a lot.

        • Yeah, I was a bit worried, too. Changes in production always kind of scare me.

          I really dig the sequel’s character designs. I think I’m becoming a fan of that chara designer who also did Railgun’s and Index’s anime chara designs. His designs don’t look totally moe (which is a good thing oftentimes), but they’re very appealing.

          Good to see positive reactions re second episode! Will get to it once I see the other first episodes of my PTW anime.

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