[ASS] #15 – So I learned to be okay

Those When Marnie was There clips in sakugabooru were killing me…

Honestly, the draft for this post was originally created weeks before I watched Marnie. It’s actually been almost a month but it never saw the light of publicity until now. What was I hesitating for?

I did mention in Yuri Headmaster OG-Man’s post that it’s mostly the music in the trailer that got me into wanting to watch this film, even though I’m not particularly looking forward to any Ghibli movies. The visuals and the editing in the trailer was a bonus, too.

[When Marnie Was There ED] Fine on the Outside by Priscilla Ahn

The mood was perfect. I was ready for the feels train and even intrigued if there’d be any yuri in it, though of course I was a bit skeptical on that part. What I got the most out of that trailer, however, was the instant connection I had with the song. It’s in English, not Engrish, so you can listen to it and understand the lyrics at the same time.

Now back to the question above. The reason I couldn’t get this published right away was that I wanted to share my own side of the story that made me claim I had this personal connection with the track. But I didn’t have the right mentality to start on it. Many other things were going on in my mind, and my desire to share this music with you didn’t fully register into my fingers to type the words down.

And I realized that I just simply want you to hear this song, without having to be bothered by a snippet of my depressing personal life. The song is melancholy enough and I don’t want another blow to the gut. It’s beautiful, though. Painfully beautiful.

4 responses to “[ASS] #15 – So I learned to be okay

  1. Pretty song, sad, but pretty. And the vocalist is quite good. I am sorry life is tough. I get it, I am there with you, but it gets better. I am going through a (amicable) divorce right now. I had panic, fear, sadness, anger…you name it. But it got better. I accepted that change is inevitable and that all I can do is make the best of it. I hope you are able to do so for yourself as well. It gets better. Hope it does for you.

    • I am so sorry to hear that. 😦 And thanks for reassuring that things will get better. They will, for both of us and other people going through pain and sadness.

  2. Re: “…hear this song, without having to be bothered by a snippet of my depressing personal life”

    As far as I am concerned, you can go ahead and spill it.

    Another “Denny-ism”: If one’s fictional online persona cannot even be honest then what point is there to existence ?
    : )

    • It’s not about being honest in this case. It’s more of I can’t find the “right words” at the moment to express what I truly feel. And I still intend to share some of the details much later. 😉 Thanks.

      Also, I just couldn’t wait for those “right words” to come out to share this song.
      >.< I just want you guys to hurry listen to it if you have the time. Hehehe

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