Attention: Blog Status

bored mikagura I previously announced a deceleration of my blogging activity some time ago. Hence, I’ve had a drastically reduced interaction with my favorite bloggers. I apologize for not visiting and dropping comments as frequently as I used to. But even then, I still had to write, and write, and write. My mind and fingers were itching to publish posts anyway, making that announcement sort of… invalid (even if I did keep my word to post twice a week). But now, it’s different. I can’t keep up with this blogging pace I’ve been accustomed to as long as some “things” are happening IRL. I’m sorry. Tamako love story midoriFor the meantime, I’m taking a break from blogging. I don’t know when I’ll be coming back. But I probably would want write at least two posts in May. I have a post scheduled for May 1st, so please look forward to that! The other post is something Foxy Lady Ayame already knows about. I hope it will encourage some of the new bloggers to… oops. I refrain from disclosing more information about that post (that I still haven’t finished writing, so you won’t be seeing it until around the end of May). Apologies. Even when I’m not around, please don’t hesitate to speak up in my blog. I may be slow at replying, but I try to get back to everyone as much as I can. [BZ IRL orz] If anyone wants to send me a quick message, I recommend tweeting at me or DM-ing via twitter. But I will also be definitely slowing down there! In fact, I haven’t been really active for the past two weeks. Thank you. I will miss everyone because it’s so much fun talking with you, but we’ll see each other soon!

41 responses to “Attention: Blog Status

  1. I saw on your Twitter that you’re going through some stuff and I really hope that you’re still doing okay. ❤ I just got back from a short hiatus myself so I hope to see you back in the blogosphere soon! 😀

  2. No problem! Take your time! Blogging is not your job, it is for fun!

    You are still on Twitter, right? So we can always interact with you there! 🙂

    • Kitsuneeee 😀 Your words of wisdom are always on point! Thank you for the love and understanding~ I’m rarely on twitter these days, but you can tweet at me anytime you want. 😀 See ya there!

  3. Oops, my comment is a bit late (haven’t been very active lately)! Just wanted to say GAMBATTE! Hope to see you soon 🙂 All the best.

  4. Aww and I just started reading your posts. I like your writing and your way of thinking. I hope that you come back soon and what you’re going through is not bad. Take your time.

    And also, thanks for following my blog 🙂

    • Hello and thank you for the kind words! What I’m going through is not so seriously bad. I just need a break to think it through and deal with it.

      I haven’t read much of your posts, but I like the atmosphere of your blog. Your writing is lively and I like that. Keep blogging, and I’m going to drop by and leave comments there when I can~

  5. Aww and I just started reading your post. I really like your way of thinking. I hope that what you’re going trough is not serious and you can come back soon. Also thanks for following my silly posts 🙂

  6. That’s totally fine, Miha-chan! Take a break whenever you need it. The important thing is that you enjoy blogging whenever you do it because if you’re just forcing yourself to meet some self-imposed blogging deadlines, I think that you’ll just end up resenting it. Gasp! Noooooooo!!!! The horror.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the day that you become active here again (not that I’m the one to talk, as I’m still in semi-hibernation mode). Anyway, best of luck in everything. Cheers!

    • Hahaha Your comments are always energetic and I always appreciate them, Arria-chan! And thank you for understanding. 😉 We both gotta recharge and have our active blogging days soon!

      • Ahaha! Well, I was feeling really energetic when I commented on your post so I’m glad that it came through my comment. Anyway, you’re welcome. I know that we started blogging about anime/manga around the same time–the same month, if I remember correctly–so I think it’s just natural that I understand how our energies for blogging may come and go. Take care. Cheers!

  7. Whatever you’re going through IRL ganbare!!!! And hang in there ^_^ I’ll keep watching over you in my dash 😁 a biiiiiiiig virtual hug 😋

  8. I am not really sure what to say. But I want to tell you thank you. Talking to you on twitter made me a little more sociable there, and well the same goes for here as well. So, come back when ever you feel ready to come back, we all understand for what ever the reason and will be waiting.

  9. Take care and be well. I appreciate you for being an early follower of my little blog and always enjoyed our conversations. Hope life gets more manageable for you soon. 🙂

  10. Hardly knew ye but do hope to see you back in action soon. Take care, do your best and do not overwork yourself.

    • Thanks, Yuri Headmaster OG! I’m still green when it comes to yuri (still deeply in love with innocent yuri works), but I’m looking forward to our fanboying/girling conversations. 🙂 And don’t forget to look out for Fluttering Feelings and Their Story updates!

  11. I’ll always look forward to your posts so I’ll send you a virtual big hug and wish you the best of luck! And most definitely see you soon! 気をつけてね ^_^

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