LiSA in Manila, Philippines (Blog entry translation)

Some months ago, news about LiSA performing in Manila, Philippines in June spread among Filipino anime fans. If I recall correctly, it would be the first time a Japanese anison singer would hold a concert on our land.

Titled “LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~,” it was a dream-come-true for many, for sure. So here I am, trying to show how wonderful it was for both the singer herself and the fans who got to attend. Apparently, she promised to come back. There’s still hope for us who did not get to see and watch her perform!

What follows is my piss-poor attempt (once again) at translating Japanese to English. Please note that I’m not JLPT certified and this is mostly a product of personal amusement. But critiques/corrections are very welcome! In fact, I would love it if this attempt gets corrections. Maybe someone better than me can try translating the original content which is found in LiSA’s ameblo here and here. I do not own the photos and the original text. They’re all LiSA’s!

[1st of 2 entries] BANANA!

Posted: 26th June 2015 \ 22:54 JST


I arrived in the Philippines!


My first time in the Philippines

I received a surprise birthday cake. Whoa—it’s huge!

cr: LiSA’s Ameblo

Lotsa mangoes.1

Lotsa bananas!2


Tomorrow is my first event in the Philippines. I’ll do my best~!

Today was a fine day, too!

Bye chi!

[2nd of 2 entries] ANOTHER GREAT DAY〜IN MANILA〜

Posted: 287th June 2015 \ 23:46 JST



It was my first Fan Meeting in Manila, Philippines.

Doing a solo show really makes me nervous!

It’s all stuff that I wouldn’t know without trying.

It’s my first live in Manila, but to think that a lot of people would be waiting!

Like, really!

It was suuuuuper fun!

Enjoying music is the best that I even danced! Got suuuper pumped up and daaanced a lot!

It was the best!


THANXX! Manila! See U next time!!3

Ultra-lotsa Minion.

Philippines was suuuper fun.

But I’m going home to Japan tomorrow ◡̈

Asia Tour has begun!


Today was a fine day, too.

Bye chi!

Translation notes

  1. She actually said/wrote “many mangoes” in a Japanese way
  2. Same here, “many bananas!”
  3. Yep. This is what she actually wrote.

12 responses to “LiSA in Manila, Philippines (Blog entry translation)

  1. I would had totally attended LiSA’s concerts! Even if the only LiSA songs I’m the most familiar with are from Angel Beats and Fate/Zero, lol.

    Speaking of which, I had only just realized there had been a few Kpop celebrities visiting Brunei, lol. I didn’t really care so I didn’t hear much of it, but I hear they are here to film some sort of game shows (you know those Korean game shows like Running Man and stuffs?), like some sort of survival in a forest thing-and we have a district literally filled with forests, lol. That’s where they are filming it.

    • Actually, I found it-

      The series had actually aired for quite a long time, to my surprise. Just Ctrl+F “Brunei”, I believe ours is some sort of season special or something.

      • This case just shows how I’m not that up-to-date with anything related to Kpop these days. In that Brunei special, an EXO member is part of the cast. Huhuhu

        • You probably won’t need this but, well, EXO is the most male popular group these days and I identify as a “distant” fan.

    • Same here. I really liked her songs in Angel Beats and Fate/Zero, but can’t recall a single line in those of SAO. Now, I’m not a fan of SAO to care much about it (oops)

      Oh? That might be a good opportunity to meet those Kpop stars in person! That is, if you remained the fan you used to be. XD

      Oh yeah, have you heard of that Korean movie, “No Breathing”? A portion of it was actually shot in my city. Lol Not the best part of the movie and it was only at the beginning. At least, the city gained some publicity from that.

      • Eh, not really a fan anymore. And I don’t know nearly all the ones whose on the show, lol.

        No, never heard of the movie. That’s great though. In my case here, the place they are visiting is all forests, lol. Not sure anyone, even the locals, are interested in going nornally unless they have an interest in hiking and nature.

  2. Aside from /okane-ga-arimasen/ issues, would’ve totally went if I knew more LiSA (lol, I only know three or four songs of hers, and ones a cover xD).

    I can only hope the event sold well enough to make Japan more interested in sending musical acts our way. 😀

    • Right. That was what I thought when I read the recap of the event in AnimePH, especially the song list. orz If it’s a nano concert, I would really be confident of my nano-knowledge (and fangirldom, ehem).

      I think it was a sold-out show. And oh boy, the shirts from the merchandise sold out, too.

      Reeeeeeally wishing for, at least, the AFA PH to happen! PH is getting behind in this ASEAN AFA thing.

      • I could probably keep up if it was a nano concert. At the very least my knowledge of ‘nanoir’ and her anime OP’s/ED’s to date should come in handy.

        Ohh, neat *checks LiSA’s record label for potential visiting artists*.
        Would’ve loved a poster myself. :3

        I know right. AFA PH would be massive if it ever becomes a thing.

        • Nano-tomo unite! 😀

          I know, right? The handshake event is kinda envious, too, but I’m worried that–if I ever attend a live concert and avail the fan meeting and signing/handshake ticket–my hands would be too sweaty and the artist would hate it. (Sweaty hands problems)

          Yeah, it just needs the proper publicity it deserves before the real thing if it ever happens.

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