[ASS] #16 – Let’s go

Strike a Bell – LEGO BIG MORL

Long time no see~

After a music discovery session, I’ve been listening to this song these days. I fell in love with it at first hear, and I immediately thought that LEGO BIG MORL’s Strike a Bell has this feel similar to worship music (for some reason, Hillsongs first comes to mind). That could have been the reason why I’m loving it more at every listen. I tried looking for translated lyrics but instead found the words in Japanese here. I’m not yet really good at Japanese to translate it as accurately as I can, however, I’ll say that it seems to be a song of encouragement. Y’know, good and uplifting feels. Plus, that MV is really dope.

Before I forget, LEGO BIG MORL is the band that performed the ED for Blade and Soul, RAINBOW, which was one of my favorite EDs from Spring 2014 anime and the very song that introduced me to the band. Please do give it a listen!

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