The return of blog awards: Liebster Award 2015 v.2

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As usual, I made my own badge for this thing, featuring Gintoki’s fine ass (not really).

Blog awards seem to sprout from nowhere but I am always happy to receive them. At least I know that my blog gets attention even if I don’t always write something. That said, I had previously put four Liebster Award nominations in the waiting line until now. (And there’s a couple of stuff left for me to do, too.) Sorry for the long wait and thank you for the nominations, my fellow anibloggers: nohbrows of from, imperfection; dandylion13 of Viewers Discretion is Advised; dranimaniacunscripted of blog of the same name; and Ruki of Wanimu! It took me this long to accept your nominations since I thought I’d better save them for the second half of this year, having done the first Liebster 2015 a few days before nohbrows’ nomination. It isn’t exactly my style to do awards consecutively. As I promised (with myself), I wrote stuff to scatter similar entries to make it look like the awards are fresh (when they are really not). Hope I’m off the hook with this excuse?

This is the third time I’m doing a Liebster award, so kindly refer to the first or second one to review the rules, which are pretty simple. Without further ado, here are the sets of my answers:

Nohbrows questions

  1. If you could live in Japan (and also assume full Japanese knowledge), would you? Why?

Perhaps not forever but living in Japan has been one of my fleeting dreams. I wouldn’t mind studying or working there as long as I can gain the experience of adapting to Japanese lifestyle and interacting with the Japanese folks. And, perhaps, I’d learn which things in anime truly represent life in Japan and/or are purely products of happy writing.

  1. How good is your Japanese?

Not that good. Heck, I haven’t even taken JLPT of any level so I don’t have a formal basis to answer this. Let’s just say I can read and write all of hiragana and katakana and at least 100 kanji (this is just an estimate, since I didn’t really make something like a list).

  1. If you could go on a coffeedate with anyone from Anitwitter, who would it be and why?

Chatting with @frog-kun over a cup of coffee (which I probably won’t even finish drinking) sounds good (read: great). I’ll learn a lot from him about literature and anime analysis, but I don’t know what he’ll gain from me. OTL

I’d also love to meet @FoxyLadyAyame since I’ve (unofficially) become her disciple. When I still had stable internet connection at home we talked a lot via Facebook and, just recently, Skype.

But to be really, really honest it’s a dream of mine to meet as many anitwitters in person as possible. I always wonder how these awesome people differ from their internet personae. The thought of simply meeting the person behind the avatar in the flesh kind of excites me.

  1. Would you rather have a harem or a very committed relationship with one person?

The latter. Being introverted and inexperienced in the sort of thing asked here, it’s just natural for me to prefer a closely knit romantic relationship.

  1. Do you have a favorite animator/director/studio? If so, who?

I like the anime Hosoda Mamoru has made so far. I also prefer Oonuma Shin’s stuff over Shinbou Akiyuki’s. As for studios, Kyoto Animation always has my attention.

  1. If you could have any job at an animation studio (apart from the President/CEO, because he’s hiring you), what would it be?

Animator or Character Designer

  1. What is the role of the critic in art?

To bridge the gap between the supposed audience and the artwork/creator by dissecting the overall composition into sections and aspects of the production worth investigating thoroughly

  1. What makes you happy?

good people, hugs, good food, home

  1. What is your favorite book?

The Giver by Lois Lowry (and Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, if I can add another)

  1. How do you like your eggs done?

Nothing can go wrong with eggs. But sadly I can’t eat it raw even with rice and soy sauce.

  1. What do you think is the role of art in society? This includes all forms of art: dancing, music, literature, film, animation, sculpture, etc.

Well, I don’t think humans can stand the boredom without art. Because of art, humans have advanced this much. Pretty much everything we do has to have some art in it—plating (from simply serving food), fashion designing (from simply making clothes to wear), architecture and engineering (from simply building homes), food packaging (from simply wrapping rations), and the list goes on and on.

Dandylion13’s questions

  1. What is your favourite series? does not have to be anime

mugiwara strawhats one piece

See this. I’m currently fangirling over One Piece.

  1. Why is that you favourite series?

They grew on me over time and are few of my first anime.

  1. Do you read comic books, if so what is your favourite comic book?

If what you mean by this are Western comics, then I’ve seen some of Archie back when I hadn’t yet entered school. Jughead was my favorite character because he was amusing.

  1. Where would you like to travel if you had the chance?

Japan and Europe

  1. What is your favourite food?

I love many foods. I’m craving for some pizza right now.

  1. What is your favourite videogame?

See here.

  1. Have you ever bought anything online, if so what was it?

Yeah. It was a digital camera.

  1. Who is your role model?

I can’t name just one. I look up to a lot of people in twitter and in real life because they’re more reachable than the big names on the top of the social food chain. However, I do mental notes on simple people who did great things to show that there is kindness in every human, that we have the intrinsic capacity to love each other.

  1. Who is you favourite Superhero?

None right now, but I used to think Batman was cool.

  1. Do you play board games, if so which ones?

Not really. I used to play checker, scrabble, and chess in elementary school, though. And Snakes and Ladders was a very popular, simple, for-the-fun quasi-board game meant to be played with friends to pass time.

  1. What got you into Blogging?

See here
Dranimaniacunscripted’s questions

  1. Why did you start your blog?

I wanted to share my insights from watching anime and reading manga, but at some point the blog became more varied in terms of content—from anime challenges and first impressions to anime song syndromes and editorials.

  1. Favorite anime of all time?

I don’t really want to choose between Gintama, FMA Brotherhood, Major, and Code Geass, so…

  1. The first anime that ever made you cry (or at least touched you very deeply)?

I’m really bad at recalling “firsts”, so let me just mention that a character death in Fushigi Yuugi left me deeply scarred for life.

  1. Your anime guilty pleasure? (An anime or something related to anime that you liked even if it was bad or generally unliked by most people?)

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien was a romance-drama series which I don’t recall ever being talked about by many people these days, let alone showered with praises. I heard it was supposedly bad, though I personally enjoyed the drama even if I wanted to slap almost every character. It apparently used to be pretty popular. KgNE probably got more attention than it was supposed to get because of the name similarity of its heroine with the one and only Haruhi Suzumiya.

  1. Who’s your anime Waifu/Husbando?

cool nico robin one piece

My waifu is currently Nico Robin of One Piece. The  incumbent husbando is probably Trafalgar Law from the same anime. Hmm. I’m not really sure. I don’t pay much attention and affection to male characters nowadays, though I consider Honda Gorou from Major as my all-time husbando.

  1. Favorite anime genre?

Slice of life, I guess, but some of them can be boring and sleep-inducing too

  1. What got you into anime?

I was pretty much already interested in anime when I saw Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Sailor Moon on TV when I was a mere child. It was in 2009 when I truly got into it when I tried watching some anime, like Elemental Gelade, Fate/stay night, and Tsubasa Chronicles, in Japanese dub and English subs.

  1. How many years have you been watching anime faithfully?

I had some breaks from watching anime over the years, but if we still count those months, I’ve been watching for at most six years and five months.

  1. Favorite pastimes or hobbies other than anime?

Drawing, listening (and bathroom-singing and air drumming) to music, trying to learn foreign languages (for now I know bits of Japanese)

I recently picked up book reading again. Yoroshiku.

  1. If you could have a second season or continue any anime, what would it be?

hibike kumirei yuri euphonium kumiko reina

Hibike! Euphonium would probably get a sequel in the near future. A third season wasn’t announced at the end of Sidonia no Kishi 2, so I’m still hoping for its continuation. Also, I’d be overjoyed if I ever hear Gin no Saji getting a 3rd season.

  1. Do you prefer subbed, dubbed or are indifferent when you watch anime?

I watch my anime subbed.

Ruki’s questions

  1. What’s the anime you always go back to when you don’t feel like watching something new?

I rarely rewatch series, including all-time favorites. Something similar to a rewatch is, maybe, watching those YouTube clips of Nichijou and Gintama every time I’m just in the mood for some nostalgic fun. Or I could just grab my tissues and start crying over Clannad After Story episodes 6 and 18. Again.

  1. Do you like to watch airing series or do you prefer to wait until it’s finished to start watching something?

I’d been watching anime as they air. However, I got fed up with that habit as I can’t avail to watch a lot of them anymore. Now I’m trying to get back to marathoning completed anime. Alas, I still watch some of the airing series (can’t let myself miss all the fun in discussing airing anime) but I often get behind schedule.

  1. What’s your relationship with MOBAs?

I honestly don’t have an answer to this question.

  1. What was the first series that made you say I love anime?

BLEACH—it turned me into a fangirl.

  1. What was the first manga you bought?

Miseinen dakedo Kodomo janai vol 1. I bought the original comic in Japanese from a classmate of my ex-tutee at a cheaper price.

  1. What’s your favourite song at the moment?
  1. Do you let the opening and ending songs play or you prefer to skip them?

It depends on how much I like the song, how exciting the accompanying visuals are, and whether or not I’m watching the anime in marathon mode.

For instance, if I really like the song and I watch the series weekly, then I’d most likely not skip the OP/ED. There is some information in the OP/ED credits that I also want to get when I like a particular episode or whenever I hear a voice so (un)familiar yet impressive but can’t point a finger at the particular seiyuu.

  1. Your favourite video game of all time?

Tekken 5, 6, or any other title in the franchise as long as Lili is a playable character. That said, I haven’t played it in more than two years. *sobs*

Oh yeah, I played some three hours of Left4Dead 2 with high school friends in an internet cafe last month and got hooked.

  1. Favourite children story?

Ang Pagong at ang Matsing (The Turtle and the Monkey). It’s silly but I grew up reading my coloring story book again and again.

  1. Least favourite anime genre?

Let me check my MALgraph revived version… Oh, it says I’m least compatible with ecchi anime. To some degree I think my MAL scores are indicative of anything at all.

  1. Don’t you think I’m the most awesome person on the internet and that I should rule the world?

You are awesome in your own way, but ruling the world will only take your precious time from doing your hobbies! Please think again.

Again, thanks for the nominations, nohbrows, dranimaniacunscripted, Dandylion13, and Ruki!

Now, for the mandatory “11 random facts about me“…

  1. I am the only daughter but also the youngest and eldest child of my parents.
  2. That sounds impossible, but it is: I’m the only daughter of my mom and dad, but I have older siblings from my dad’s late first wife.
  3. I… was groped once in a public transportation vehicle back in fourth year high school.
  4. (Okaaay that was awkward.) I have no consistent handwriting and this fact hurts me.
  5. Back in first grade, I punched a girl in my class in the gut.
  6. Back in second grade, I chased and punched the guy who kicked me in the gut.
  7. I only did Christmas caroling once with childhood friends, earned a few cents, and never did it again because I was embarrassed the whole time.
  8. I once dreamed of getting shot thrice–once in the heart, once in the abdomen, and once near my right armpit. There was this unforgettable burning sensation in each of the areas hit. I awoke after that without seeing myself dead.
  9. I was once a bully in our second grade class and our target was always the half-Japanese transferee who was really good at drawing, especially subjects like vehicles and the ultra-detailed Lawin motors type of jeepneys.
  10. Back in fifth grade, I cried after some younger student swore (“Y*wa!”) to my face.
  11. Back in sixth grade, I wrote the ‘play’ my group performed for our class’ Christmas Party. The story, characters, and costumes were inspired by this Korean drama I was so obsessed with. I was also the director and the main character. Gosh. That was probably the most chuuni thing I ever did.

My nominees are Leap250, Bubu-chan, mahouidolKai and SakuraNamikaze. Here are your questions (includes the ones I just answered)!

  1. If you could live in Japan (and also assume full Japanese knowledge), would you? Why?
  2. If you could have any job at an animation studio (apart from the President/CEO, because he’s hiring you), what would it be?
  3. What is(are) your favorite book(s)?
  4. What do you think is the role of art in society? This includes all forms of art: dancing, music, literature, film, animation, sculpture, etc.
  5. What is(are) your favourite food?
  6. Favorite pastimes or hobbies other than anime?
  7. What’s the anime you always go back to when you don’t feel like watching something new?
  8. Do you let the opening and ending songs play or you prefer to skip them?
  9. Have you ever thought about joining an international organization, like WHO, FAO, WWF, etc.?
  10. What do you think of jewelries?
  11. Do you think you’ll still be blogging five years from now?

Thanks for reading!

27 responses to “The return of blog awards: Liebster Award 2015 v.2

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  3. Man, that’s a long post. Someone’s famous :p

    I didn’t manage to read through all the answers, sorry, as admittedly, it’s a huge wall of text. I do see you’re really liking One Piece nowadays :p Unfortunately, I don’t have a One Piece waifu myself-love the characters, but just not really “waifu-y” to me for some reason.

    Anyway, thanks for the nomination, I have like 3 award/question posts to do myself (actually at the time of this comment, I just finished one), but I’ll probably get to yours soon.

    • I actually wanted to answer them short and sweet but I got too carried away and ended up rambling–hence, the long wall of text. It’d be pretty cool if someone really read it all. I’m not famous or anything, just ‘gathered’ my past nominations and rolled them into one post, for (my) convenience.

      Yeah. After watching 600+fun episodes of the series, it’s not hard to get attached to the characters and the anime itself. Once Piece has simply been amazing in the short span of time I was able to watch it non-stop.

      Lol I kinda get what you mean. Almost every shounen-adventure-battle anime out there have strong female characters that don’t feel “waifu-y”. Perhaps because they’re already too strong themselves they hardly need the emotional protection from the virtual husbando-fan, and vice versa. But because of their strength, some fans may feel that they need the characters’ protection–or at least, that’s somehow what I feel like when I fangirl over Robin.

      Cool! I don’t mind whenever you post it. I also owe you a response post. Tbh, I’m still looking for a certain angle to address your questions on that topic.

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  5. miharusshi, domo arigato gozaimasu! hahaha I’ll accept it even if I don’t know some of the questions.. Hahaha pero siguro di ko agad magagawa yan ahh.. but I will do it.. 🙂

  6. Noooooooooo! Trafalgar Law is MINE!!!

    Nico Robin is so cool! And ONE PIECE totally rocks!

    Anyway, I almost forgot that I dropped by to congratulate you. Your ONE PIECE images and talk distracted me so much. Congrats, Miha-chan!

    • Hahaha Okay, okay. Law is yours. I’m more of a Robin person anyway. XD And didn’t I mention I wasn’t even sure if I’ve got a crush on Law? Though, I’m sure that his character interests me (hugely thanks to Kamiya Hiroshi).

      Thanks again, Arria-chan~

      • Ahaha. Good. Law is still mine. Phew!
        Yes, Kamiya Hiroshi is doing a great job in voicing Law. He has made him cooler than when I was still imagining how Law would sound like, as I was reading the manga back then.

        I also really like Robin, too. She’s so cool. And I love how she’s super smart and strong at the same time.

        • I sometimes wonder if Oda enjoys writing Robin because she’s obviously the oddball in the group. Personally, it’s fun watching her (non)reactions to their situations. XD

        • Maybe. I think he enjoys drawing all of them. I read a while ago from one of the manga’s SBS that if Oda had a Devil Fruit power, it would be Robin’s Hana Hana no Mi, so that he could sprout more hands and draw manga faster. He’s a total workaholic, but all of us fans are thankful for that.

        • Robin’s devil fruit power would be really, really convenient in real life! I sometimes dream of having her ability.

          Oh, and his [Oda’s] Hana Hana no Mi may be equivalent to his assistants’ hands.

        • I think so, too. So from all the Devil Fruits featured in the show, you like hers the most?

        • Ahaha. All of them became bad-ass after the time-skip. Indeed, Robin can now become a giant and duplicate herself. So cool.

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