[ASS] #17 Nanairo Biyori: Shine like the colors of the rainbow

Guys, I’m kinda sad that no one paid attention to last time’s ASS feature, lego big morl‘s “Strike a Bell“, which I think deserves more listeners. It isn’t an anime song and lego big morl remains one of the more obscure J-rock bands out there (despite their eargasm-worthy music!). But still…

ren-chon nyanpassu non non biyori

Anyhow, I decided to mend my slightly wounded heart by sharing something hopefully easily recognizable by at least some of you.

[Non Non Biyori OP] Nanairo Biyori by nano.RIPE

As Kai at deluscar discussedNon Non Biyori is one of those anime which exude this “summer feel” throughout its run. Its visuals, character acting, music direction, and everything in between all work together to paint this atmosphere of joyful and calming countryside lifestyle. The end product is so good for my weary heart.

One thing that also struck me is the lively OP of both seasons of the anime. Both songs are also performed by nano.RIPE. If it were any other band, the series probably wouldn’t leave the kind of impression I have for it now. While the main content of each episode was good enough material to heal us, the OP amplifies the effect to greater magnitude.

And that’s why, my friends, I nyanpassu!~ 

I haven’t written anything for more than three weeks. No, it’s not like I’m running out of topics. In fact, it’s the contrary. But I’ve sort of been in a daze lately, so I have no idea how to start writing something that wouldn’t even bore me. This post was intended for getting my gears well oiled and running again.

Yeah, I miss aniblogging! I will probably see you guys around! Soon… I hope.

7 responses to “[ASS] #17 Nanairo Biyori: Shine like the colors of the rainbow

  1. Even the scenes from the OP looks like something from the anime itself. Nice stuffs! Hope to see you in the blogging soon :p

  2. Nice song from a nice anime. Renge amuses me as does the well developed girl who makes plushies of her senpai.

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