HOW COULD YOU: a cute BL origin story

Howdy, folks!

I know some of you are regularly consuming yaoi or BL goodies, often thinking real life couldn’t get as colorful as the romance of our beloved 2D bishies.

owari no seraph of the end

Yeah, probably not as friggin’ pretty as this!

But… what if I tell you real-life stories can be as cute and fluffy too?

What I’m going to share with you all is not a BL manga or fanfiction, but a short account of real person’s life. Well, a part of his life. It’s from the FB page called The UST Files, where students and maybe even teachers from the University of Santo Tomas can post their confessions of some sort anonymously. This particular post, if it isn’t obvious enough from my blog post title, caught my eye because it was a surprisingly fluffy start of something that was totally unexpected. An awakening of the inner gay, perhaps? Here’s the original link. For those who don’t want to log on to FB for reasons I certainly understand, here’s a screencap.

I found myself liking it, and suddenly felt the need to spread it around the world (of course, for those who can’t read Filipino)! And voila~

The following is my attempt to translate the said post to English. Enjoy~


I was a bad boy during high school. I was only in Section 2* but I know I’m smart. Yes. And, obviously, arrogant. I always got called to the Guidance Counselor’s Office because the students I bullied would report about me. I had a crush on someone from Section 1. She’s beautiful, smart (she was among the Top 10 students when we graduated), kind, and quiet.

When we were in 3rd year high school, I tried to get her attention. Well, I felt that she noticed me every time, because I’m handsome. I’m not particularly boasting because a lot of people also mentioned about my good looks. I am tall and a moreno^ (but slightly lighter than that), have a high-bridged nose, and am neither too skinny nor fat. In other words, I have everything that is good, according to that one girl who liked me. But that everything was of no use when I finally gave up on trying to catch my crush’s attention.

However, I didn’t want high school to end without “us” ever becoming a real thing. I introduced myself to her on prom night. Yeah, I swallowed my pride for her. That’s how much I liked her. I gave her chocolates and invited her to go out with me, but I had a feeling that it wasn’t me whom she was interested in. Then I found out that it was her classmate that she liked. He’s good-looking too but I am far more handsome. I guess he had the advantage of having a fairer complexion. Well! Because of that I became jealous of him… until that jealousy turned into resentment. My high school life was over like that, but I still harbored feelings for my crush even if I wasn’t her crush. I still didn’t know what’s in that guy that made her like him.

Then I entered UST. I was so sad when I figured that she enrolled in PLM. Wow, that was a huge blow. First year ended… and in the second year (last school year), I was blocmates with that guy. Yes, the guy my crush had a crush on. I didn’t know we were enrolled in the same course. Then the bully inside me was awakened. I wanted to make him taste defeat. I really thought that.

One time, our prof paired us up. Out of all the possible partners from the random pairing system, he, of all people, had to be my partner for a (nonsense) project (I tell you). That was when we had our first conversation and introduced ourselves to one another. Of course, we also mentioned that each of us was familiar of the other’s face, all because we were from the same high school.

Our professor made his class very tough for us. We needed to work on that “OH-SO-IMPORTANT” PROJECT every single day. Revenge? I couldn’t get that because I knew that if either of us gets impaired it will only make our project much more difficult to complete. And so I endured. We were together almost every day. We were always in my house and, at first, I faked being a good guy. But I was utterly surprised when I first heard him sing. His voice was very pleasant to my ears. I had no idea because he was a dancer in high school. Perhaps that was one of the qualities that my crush loved about him, being multi-talented. And I truly saw how intelligent he is. He also likes throwing jokes, ones which were certainly sensible and would truly make one laugh. My jaw and stomach would always hurt whenever we’re together. And one more thing: he’s kindhearted. Really, really kindhearted.

As if it’s a work of coincidence, I ran into an accident from riding my bike a week before the project’s deadline. I was confined in a hospital. I was sure he’d be angry at me. In fact, he was the first person in my mind during those times because for sure he’d be more burdened. But I was shocked when he visited me in the hospital for the first time. I think it was around 11PM; I’m certain it was just before midnight. No one was keeping watch on me because both of my parents were working. He entered my room with his laptop and some food. I was astounded. He knew my comfort foods. He pushed a chair along and positioned it beside my bed, where he continued working on our project.

“Need my help, buddy? Sorry that I can’t help,” I said.

“Nah, don’t be. Just let me watch over you. Go ahead and eat. I’ll work on this right here so you’ll know about our work’s progress. I know there’d be no one to watch you because I ran into your mom. And you told me, didn’t you, that you’ve no friends ’cause of your terrible personality? That isn’t true. You’re not bad yourself. You’re a bully though. Hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, buddy, we can finally finish this in a moment,” he replied.

I was gazing at him when he was speaking those words. He’s so handsome. And considerate. He even watched over me. He can even appreciate people like me although he knows about my (bad) attitude.

In those moments… I finally understood why my high school crush fell for him…

But that’s not all…

I think I also…

learned to love him….

-College of Commerce and Business Administration

Some notes:
* High school class sections are usually ranked according to class performance (i.e. intelligence, extracurricular activity participation, etc). Meaning, most of the top performing students are in the first section and the least performing ones would be assigned in the last class.
^ moreno = person having slightly but naturally and uniformly tanned skin (real life example)

How was it? Don’t you want to see what happened to them after that? XD

Thanks for reading!

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