The return of blog awards: Creative Blogger Award

creative blogger award

Here we go again!

My gratitude goes to fellow bloggers who nominated me for this award, which seems like a shorter version of Liebster. Thank you very much, L-zerb (Getting up Early), Krystallina (Daiyamanga), leaveit2me (popculturemecha), D.T. Nova (On the Edge of Enlightenment), josefcf904 (The Reviewer’s Corner), and medievalotaku (Medieval Otaku)! These people are interesting bloggers with different areas of specialty. Check out their blogs!

For the award itself, these are the copy-pasted rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

This sounds pretty easy to do. For now, I’ll just list random facts about me without a common umbrella subject. Well, let’s get started!

  1. Mortal Kombat scared the shit out of me. (Warning! Maybe NSFW gif link incoming!)

My first an arcade game experience got stuck in my head, like how traumatic experience lets you remember all the nasty things. I was around 4 or 5 years old. In our neighborhood, joy-stick arcade games were pretty common. One day my two older brothers brought me to the game house and let me play a game of Mortal Kombat. I was pretty excited, eager to learn by first-hand practice. I forgot which character I played but I do remember it was beaten by the computer through one of those creepy, brutal finishing moves. The body parts splattered everywhere and the frightening laugh started playing in the background as the screen showed that I lost—the computer’s winning character standing proudly at the center. (It was probably Sektor) I… ran home crying after that. That was a really, really horrifying moment that it took me quite some time to brace myself and play the game without pissing myself.

P.S. The game’s music still scares the hell out of me. 😥creey (3)

  1. Sometimes I’m uncertain which my mother tongue is.

I grew up in a Davao Bisaya-speaking household. Davao Bisaya isn’t exactly the same with Cebuano. Plus, I’ve been exposed to Tagalog ever since I can recall. And maybe because of those influences I can’t understand some of the deeper Bisaya words which everyone else in my place seems to perfectly understand. Even when I talk with my mom, she brings up a lot of profound words that I either miss out what she really means or end up asking a lot. Heck, even though everyone in my high school used Tagalog, I can’t say I can speak it without trouble. I’d be too conscious of my diction because Tagalog is supposedly a gentle, sophisticated-sounding language. As a result, I unintentionally mix Tagalog and Bisaya, speaking in what is known as Davao Tagalog. In other words, I only have average mastery on both languages. Though I’d say I use Davao Bisaya more often. Still, my vocabulary feels really lacking…

  1. I survived my third year of high school without cellphone.

Back in second year high school, I placed my cellphone in my skirt’s pocket. While walking home I noticed it wasn’t there anymore. A phone snatcher must have grabbed it when I was riding in the jeepney. (Watashi no BAKA!) After that incident I was afraid to have another phone stolen, so I refused to buy a new one. And even back then, cellphones were already a very important communication tool and are especially useful when students do group and class projects. I relied mainly on emails from friends and teachers for stuff like those.

  1. Oh yeah, I don’t have a smartphone even now.

Long gone is the era of feature phones, yet I remain using one and not buying a trendy smartphone. They’re expensive and I still can’t afford to buy one. Of course, there are prepaid plans available for poor people like me. But I’m still content with what I have now, a humble S⊛ms⁂ng feature phone.

  1. I don’t watch horror movies.

Aside from you can infer after reading fact #1, I simply don’t see myself getting anything worthwhile after watching a horror flick. I’ll only be scarred for life. Er, no, for the rest of the night.

gintama gintoki scared

Plus, I’ll look stupid.

Here are my nominees in no particular order:

  1. Rocco B (In the Cubbyhole)
  2. Kyriaki96 (Kyri-chan’s Place)
  3. Ruki (Wanimu)
  4. DF (Aniwhat? Aniwho? Anime.)
  5. Thuy and Ashley (The Animeted Critics)
  7. WakuWafu Team
  8. bangin (Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans)
  9. Falconhaxx (This and that, sometimes and occasionally.)
  10. Anonymousmatcha (1000paperwishes)
  11. ShadowZael (Falling Through the Bed)
  12. ZeroReq011 (Therefore, It Is)
  13. Winny (Anijubo)
  14. Dandylion13 (Viewers Discretion is Advised)
  15. Mochirochi (Mocorochi)
  16. admin at Seiyuu+
  17. TPAB (The Pantless Anime Blogger)
  18. ninetybeats (Ninety’s Blog)
  19. Madreceiver (DadWatchesAnime)
  20. Bubu-chan (BUBU-ちゃんのぼうけん)

To my nominees, no pressure on whether you’ll do this or not, and when you’re going to write yours. I simply wanted to show my appreciation for you and your blogs (even if I’m only a lurker). But, I guess, I’d be great to hear your response. 🙂

The deed is done. Thanks again to the people who nominated me!

See you guys around~


16 responses to “The return of blog awards: Creative Blogger Award

  1. Thank You for always tagging me dear and I’m truly sorry that I haven’t participated [yet] on any of them ┏༼ ◉ ╭╮ ◉༽┓
    I hope I can at least make one though 🙂
    You have a great list as usual ༼ つ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° ༽つ lemme give you a hug XD

  2. Man, that Mortal Kombat video you linked isn’t even the worst I had seen (in terms of violence and brutality), since graphics was still so outdated back then, it wasn’t able to emphasize that aspect of the graphics. You should had seen the new Mortal Kombat X, over-the-top violence in ultra detailed 3D and high definition xD

    • The Mortal Kombat I played back then was as ancient-looking as the one I linked. And yes, it was already traumatizing for me back then. And no, I couldn’t dare to look at the more sophisticated, 3D violence that is MK of today. 😥

      (I can only stand morbidity in 2D anime, which is probably why I still like Higurashi even now)

  3. I absolutely love horror movies! I find it more fun when I watch it with someone who gets scared easily. It’s like going through one of those haunted house rides at the amusement park. I tend to laugh more, because the person with me keeps screaming at everything popping up. With them freaking out, I don’t have time being afraid because it’s funny….

    …wow, I guess I’m a bit of a cruel person lol. I don’t like hack and slice horror movies though, which is why I’ll never watch Saw. I prefer the ones that mess with your head.

    • You’re a sadist, aren’t you? Jk!

      Yes, slice horror or whatever you call it is the only thing I really can’t bear to watch, especially if they’re shot so realistically. Thriller with ghosts/exorcisms/whatever in between–still can’t stomach them because I’m too easily surprised and it’s really bad for my heart.

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  5. Man, horror movies – I’ve watched very few myself, because I’m terrified of them. As a word of caution, Freaks (1932) is a great example of early horror; pre-Hays Code horror didn’t mess around. D:

  6. Take pride in the humility of your phone, my friend. No one needs smartphones. Why would anyone trust a phone that’s smarter than the computer from War Games?

  7. Don’t worry I don’t like Horror movies. When I was little it was Star Wars Episode 1 when Darth Maul got sliced in half that scared me for the longest time.

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