Real Neat Blog Award

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You might be thinking, “Hey, you’ve still got more of these?!” Well, yes, I do. And these are actually long overdue.

Oh, that rhymed! 

Thanks a bunch to great fellows for the Real Neat Award nomination: Krystallina of Daiyamanga (not just once, but twice!); and Kurosama of Kurosama Reviews, which is a fairly new anime blog! Krystallina’s blog is filled with manga reviews, including shoujo titles which you probably haven’t heard of. For sure, I haven’t heard some of them. Kurosama writes anime and film reviews, but she also leaves some space for appreciation of Japanese culture! And, yes, she likes cats. Thus, she’s already cool in my book.

Now that I’m done with the formalities, let’s review the rules:

  1. Put the award logo on your blog
  2. Answer the 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  3. Thank the person who nominated you, link to their blogs
  4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, link to their blogs
  5. Let them know you nominated them
  6. Ask the bloggers 7 new questions

You know me, dear readers. I like breaking rules and stuff. So I’m just going to choose three questions to answer this time, one from each nomination. Here we go!

  1. What series do you think deserves more attention?

I bet you haven’t heard of Yumeiro Patissiere (Dream-Colored Pastry Chef), so there you go. It’s a kids-oriented show, but basically anyone who enjoys shows with food—pastry goods in this case—may find a gem in this obscure title. It surprisingly has good character development and a coherent, consistently gripping narrative. The animation may turn off a lot of people. But if one’s a fan of the shoujo-style designs that went popular in the 90’s, or is simply looking for something fun, fluffy, cute, and light to watch, this is the show for you.

P.S. Those were the days when Yuuki Aoi was still carving her name in the seiyuu industry! This realization makes me feel old—in a good way.

  1. What was (or is) your favorite stuffed animal?

Stuffed bear! I actually own two Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys. I’m not particularly fond of the original work, but those stuffed goodies are ultra-huggable. When I was young, I also used to keep a white stuffed bear (probably a polar bear?) with a heart button in its chest. Once that was pressed, it would make an “Arf arf arf arf! I love you!” noise. Do real bears bark like dogs?

  1. Would you rather face a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or robot take over?

With robots, humanity will easily be wiped out. I’d rather pilot a robot than be crushed or blown to smithereens by it. With alien invasion, who knows what’ll happen? Plus, aliens are a bit too creepy. Ultimately, I’m left with zombies. I guess that would be the least unfortunate choice, considering I have had trained my anti-zombie combat skills by playing Left 4 Dead 2. If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I wish I can actually use what I learned to control with the keyboard and mouse. Oh, and there’s actually a chance we can reverse, or at least prevent the spread of, the zombie-ism with some sort of antidote or something.

I could even drive a car without due training! (I wish :P)

I could even drive a car without due training! (I wish :P)

Now it’s my turn to nominate a few people–a lot fewer since I figured almost everyone I know has already done this.




For the nominees, you can choose any set of questions from the ones who nominated me for this award. Have fun~

Readers, if you think there’s a series I should give a try, kindly mention it in a comment. Thanks~ 

8 responses to “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. I haven’t watched Yumeiro Patissiere. I really only know the series as one done by the author of St. Dragon Girl. I’ve heard it’s cute though. But I love 90s shoujo style, so I guess I’ll have to check it out!

    • You’re casually throwing manga titles I totally haven’t heard of–just as my description says! XD

      I can’t say I love the 90s style, but I didn’t mind it when I watched Yumeiro. It just sort of worked for me in its entirety! No qualms about it. 🙂

      • XD

        St. Dragon Girl was the author’s most popular manga, but Yumeiro may have passed it up. Viz Media released it in English, so you might enjoy that series. Art-wise, it would be a little older of course, and there’s no anime of it or anything.

  2. I should give Yumeiro Patissiere a spin sometime soon. I remember I had to contemplate between this and Yakitate Japan since both shows are just too long, and I chose the latter :p

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