Song Translation: regulusP’s 「I’ll」 and 「I’ve」

Thanks to Kai’s question—in a form of a Vocaloid song suggestion and request for English lyrics translation—I was introduced to regulusP’s music. I only heard around seven of their songs on the official YouTube channel but I’m already falling in love with their style. Most of the songs have forlorn lyrics coupled with appropriately sad melodies. I came back to this blog to share my translation (attempts) of two of their songs, 「I’ll」 and 「I’ve」, which are a parent and an answer song, respectively. These seem to be about two lovers on the brink of breaking up—blindly hurting themselves because they actually need and love each other. The former is from the guy’s POV while the latter is told from the girl’s.

Give the songs a listen and try to sing along, if you’re like me who likes to sing regardless of voice quality! I’ve provided the romaji so we can all sing. As for the translation, as usual, it’s open for critique. Any alternative translation suggestion which could be better than mine would be highly appreciated.

Color coded lyrics: Romaji | English Translation | Kanji

Title: I’ll | Music/Lyrics: regulus | Vocals: VY1V3

Moshimo boku ga kimi ni motto yasashikushiteitara kitto
Kimi wa boku no koto wo kirau koto mo nakute waratteta ne
Itsumo kimi ga boku wo shinjiteitekureta koto mo shitteru
Kimi ga boku no sei de tsuraku kanjiteita koto mo shitteru
Demo sa boku wa kimi ni nazeka sunao ni narenakute zutto
Kimi wo komarase tsuzuketeta dakara kimi ni ayamaritai

Jibun katte na koto itteta koto
Kotoba mo denai hodo nakaseta koto
Kimi no tame nanda to kakkou tsukete
Kimi no koto wakatte nakatta koto

Boku ga ayamattemo yurushitekurenai kamo shirenai ne
Dakedo sore wa atarimae da boku wa kimi wo kanashimaseta

Kimi wa boku no koto wo wasure hoka no hito ni atte hoshii
Sore ga jibun katte na koto da to wa wakatteru yo dakedo
Boku wa kimi ni yasashikushite morattarasa kitto onaji
Koto wo kurikaeshiteshimau sonna ki ga shite naranai yo

Jibun katte na koto ittetakedo
Kotoba mo denai hodo nakasetakedo
Kimi no tame nanda to kakkou tsukete
Kimi no koto wakatte nakattakedo

Hontou wa kimi no koto zutto zutto
Soba ni ite hoshii to omotteta yo
Sore nanoni sunao ni narenai kara
Kimi wo kizutsukete sa hontou baka da na

Imasara konna koto ittemo mou
Osoi to omoukedo kiite hoshii
Kimi wo kanashimasete tsurakusasete
Hontou ni gomen ne sayounara

If only I had been a little gentler to you
For sure, you would be laughing, never coming to hate me
I know you’ve always believed in me
I also know that you went through painful times because of me
But for some reason I could never be honest with you
I want to apologize because I’d always been distressing you

For my all the selfish things I said
For making you cry so much you couldn’t say a word
“This is for your sake,” or so I try to be a good guy
For I didn’t understand you

You probably wouldn’t forgive me even if I say sorry
But that’s expected—I only made you sad

I want you to forget about me and meet another person
I know this is selfish of me to ask, but
I feel that, for sure, the same thing won’t get repeated
If I had been gentle to you

Even when I said selfish things
Even when I made you cry so much you couldn’t say a word
Trying to be a good guy, I say this is for your sake
Even when I didn’t understand you

The truth is, I’ve always, always
Thought of wanting you to stay by my side
In spite of that, I couldn’t be honest
I hurt you—I truly am a fool

I think it’s already too late to say this
But I want you to listen to me
I caused you sadness and pain
I’m truly sorry—goodbye

君を困らせ続けてた だから君に謝りたい

君のためなんだと格好 つけて

だけどそれは当たり前だ 僕は君を悲しませた

君は僕のことを忘れ他の人に逢って 欲しい
僕は君に優しくしてもらったらさ きっと同じ
ことを繰り返してしまう そんな気がしてならないよ


君を傷付けてさ 本当バカだな

今更 こんなこと言ってももう
遅い と思うけど聞いて欲しい
本当にごめんね さようなら

Title: I’ve | Music/Lyrics: regulus | Vocals: IA

Moshimo anata ga watashi no koto wo
Mou sukoshi miteitekureta nara
Kitto konna ni futari no kyori wa
Hiraku koto nado nakatta no ka na

Watashi wa ima mo anata no koto wo
Suki de itaikedo mou dame nano ka na
Futari no kyori wa mata chikazuku ni wa
Jikan ga kakarisugiru hodotooku

Ayamatte hoshiin janai
Tada soba ni ite hoshii noni
Doushite ka sou iu koto mo
Dekinakute naiteru

Tatta hitokoto suki to ieru
Sonna atarimae no koto demo
Ureshikatta no magire mo naku
Demo itsukara ka sore mo dekinakute

Anata igai no hito wa mienai
Wasureru koto nado dekiru wake nai
Nanoni anata ga watashi no koto wo
Wasureru no nara doushitara ii no

Jibun katte demo ii kara
Watashi no kimochi ni kizuite
Naita koto mo atta keredo
Soredemo suki nanoni

Sayonara nante kikitakunai
Ayamararetemo ureshikunai
Doushite kizuitekurenai no
Tada suki to itte hoshii koto

Kanashii koto mo tsurai koto mo
Atta kedo demo demo sore ijou ni
Waraeru koto ya ureshii koto
Takusan atta tanoshikatta

Sayonara nante kikitakunai
Ayamararetemo ureshikunai
Doushite kizuitekurenai no
Tada suki to itte hoshii koto

What if you looked at me
A little bit more than you did
Surely, the distance between us
Wouldn’t have widened this much

I want to stay in love with you even now
But it might already be hopeless
It would take a very long time
To close the gap between us

It’s not that I want you to apologize
I only want you to stay by my side
Why is it that I can’t even do that
And am now crying?

To say just one thing, “I love you”
Even though it should be obvious
Without a doubt we were happy
But I now say it since who-knows-when

I can’t look at a person other than you
There’s no way I’ll be able to forget you
Despite this, what should I do
If you were to forget about me?

Don’t mind my selfishness
Notice my own feelings
There were times I shed tears
But even so, I just love you

I don’t ever want to hear you say “goodbye”
An apology won’t make me happy
Why don’t you just realize
That I only want you to tell me, “I love you”

There were sorrowful and tough things
But outnumbering them were
The funny and pleasant things
We had plenty of fun

I don’t ever want to hear you say “goodbye”
An apology won’t make me happy
Why don’t you just realize
That I only want you to tell me, “I love you”

きっとこんなに二人の距離 は


謝って 欲しいんじゃない
ただ傍 にいて欲しいのに

嬉しかったの紛れ も無く
でもいつからか それも出来なくて

なのに あなたが私のことを

自分勝手 でもいいから


悲しい ことも辛い ことも
笑える ことや嬉しい こと


3 responses to “Song Translation: regulusP’s 「I’ll」 and 「I’ve」

  1. Just went through the lyrics of “I’ll” and jesus, the feels 😦

    Oh, if you don’t mind a small suggestion from someone who can’t even read moonrunes.

    [This is for your sake, or so I try to be a good guy]

    That line, I think it’ll be better if you put the first phrase in quotation marks to show that the guy is actually speaking it out. It’s probably not in the original lyrics, but I had seen some Vocaloid translators translate some songs like that, and I actually like it-it makes the scene kinda comes alive :p

    I was actually supposed to corrupt your mind with more IA, but I guess this works too :p

    • Yeah, this is actually a pretty common situation not only between couples but between persons who originally have really strong ties. I find myself kind of stranded in something like this, though with a friend–this is why I have been feeling shitty every now and then. “Will I let go or will I hold on?” is a question I still haven’t answered yet. Or maybe I don’t need to, and just let time decide it all.

      I was actually thinking the same thing while writing the translation. >_<
      Translation is a bit tricky process. Thanks for your suggestion, I think it's better, too!

      And go ahead, you can send me more IA whenever you want to. 🙂

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