A Worthwhile Cause: Happy Animals Club

A certain Facebook page has come to my attention lately, thanks to a striking photo shared by Animals Australia. It was a photo of a grade school boy feeding sickly stray dogs on the streets. It’s a noble deed, caring for animals especially those who need medical attention. What struck another chord in my heart, however, was the fact that this little angel has established a no-kill animal shelter of his own, thanks to the support his cause garnered all over the world because said photo went viral.

Everybody, meet Ken—the founder of Happy Animals Club (website, FB page):


Happy Animals Club is located in Davao City. Click photo to find out how it all started.

With the assistance of his supportive parents in handling the funds from overseas (and maybe some local) backers, Ken managed to purchase a lot and build the animal shelter of his dreams on it.

The HAC website is as frequently updated with blog posts (complete with photos and witty remarks) as the progress of rescues, health improvement, and adoptions of the precious pets that grow up well and strong in the shelter. It goes without saying that this active use of social media to connect with the patrons has earned the club a warm, continuous, and genuine help it has been receiving. All of these are, of course, for the innocent animals that reside in this happy little haven.

But to make the shelter keep going for a long time is no easy task. The place would have to provide for the needs of a growing family of dogs and felines (and probably, along the way, other squishy pet animals), including pet food, veterinary care, and bathing essentials. Since the organization is non-profit, they are humbly asking for monthly financial aid via PayPal.

Ken and company are making a difference in our world, and I was inspired by their splendid deeds that make me go “awww” and “faith for humanity—RESTORED” so much that I had to write about this. I hope more people will be responsible for their lovely pets and kind towards other animals too, for we all live in the same planet and share the same home.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t, in any way, paid to do this. I did this with my own will and freedom to inform people… and maybe inspire them to take some action no matter how small or big—like loving and properly caring for one’s own pets, and not disturbing the lizards on the walls of one’s house, which just silently eat the mosquitoes flying around.

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